Do cosmetic surgery make people happy?

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Cosmetic surgery brings human face and body closer to ideal form by various methods such as breast augmentation surgery, ridge nose and liposuction. Ellen Hendriksen , psychologist, discusses the question of whether people can be really happy by cosmetic surgery.

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make Me Happier?

By definition, cosmetic surgery is defined as "surgery performed to bring the appearance closer to the shape that the patient wishes", which is not necessary for medical reasons, to make the traces of bite inconspicuous, treat the baby in cleft lip and cleft , treat breasts It is different from the case of breast reconstructive surgery on resected women. Many people who are in favor of cosmetic surgery do what they do to bury differences in appearance that are inherently inherent in people who were not born in a face or figure like Hull Berry or George Clooney " He said that he insisted.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery not only fills the difference in inequality, but also many people think that it is "giving power" to those who have undergone surgery. It is said that there are opinions that boosting psychological satisfaction and confidence besides realistic merits such as being beautiful or being a handsome brought a lot of benefits and making people superior in a competitive society Thing.

Hendriksen examined whether cosmetic surgery brings happiness based on various research results by receiving the question "Do cosmetic surgery really makes people happy?" Then, although research results were found that cosmetic surgery would not make it easy to make people happy, there are also research results that cosmetic surgery brings people happiness, stating that the situation was very complicated It is.

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In a study conducted in Norway, we have surveyed over 1600 women over 10 years. At the age of 14 to 21, no women who were the subject of survey were receiving cosmetic surgery, but when we examined the women who were 25 to 32 years old 11 years later, indeed 5% of the women were somewhat I underwent cosmetic plastic surgery. The most common of them was breast augmentation or liposuction surgery.

As an interesting point of this research, it seems that there was no relationship between the satisfaction level of women in their appearances at the age of 14 to 21 and the possibility of receiving surgery after 11 years. Meanwhile, it was a factor such as anxiety, depression, attempted suicide attempt more than one time, self history, etc., which was largely involved in whether or not she underwent cosmetic plastic surgery. Among them, it is found that women who used drugs at the start of survey are more likely to receive cosmetic surgery twice as much as women who did not use drugs.

In addition, it was not that women became happy just because they underwent cosmetic surgery, and women who underwent surgery worsened depression and anxiety over time, and suffered from eating disorders, attempted suicide, alcohol intake It seems that the amount has increased. Another study investigated 37 studies on men and women who underwent cosmetic surgery showed that young men who had unrealistic expectations for cosmetic surgery had a high risk of becoming unhappy, especially after surgery I understood it.

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In yet another study , I was investigating the question "what kind of cosmetic surgery was the person at risk of becoming unhappy?" And I received "breast augmentation surgery" and "nasal plastic surgery" People are said to be highly likely to have a negative impact on the spirit. Women who received breast augmentation suicide rates are higher than women who received other cosmetic surgery, and breast augmentation can be an indicator of mental problems.

Surgery to raise your nose and change the shape of your nose is especially easy for people with physical disorders . People with physical disorderly disorder severely think their values low, and they have symptoms that they believe that there are physical defects in their bodies and faces. Confirming your face frequently with a mirror, hiding the original face by making make-up, hiding face with hair and clothes may be involved in body dysmorphic disorder.

People who have such physical disorder disorder seems to try to dissolve their own complex in cosmetic plastic surgery, but many patients with physical disability suffering can not be satisfied by surgery. There are not a few patients with physical dysmorphic disorders who get angry or desperate after surgery, and in one study , 40% of orthopedic doctors responded that they were threatened by physical dysmorphic patients after cosmetic surgery I will.

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While many cases have been reported to have become unhappy after undergoing cosmetic surgery, in a study conducted on a group of 800 people who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery, "a total of 544 people who underwent surgery at the end "I am satisfied with the parts such as the nose, chest, and abdomen that underwent surgery, compared with those who did not undergo surgery".

Contrary to the results that past studies showed "the risk of being unhappy for those who received plastic surgery is high", contrary to this result, in this research people who underwent surgery become a positive attitude, enjoy life and self-affirmation It has been reported that feeling and satisfaction of life improved, and the sense of uneasiness was resolved. In the first place, cosmetic plastic surgery is intended to surgically cure the problematic part and researchers are cosmetic surgery bringing about permanent change to the patient's body, so that people are happy for a long period of time We are thinking that we are going to make it. In addition, it is suggested that this study reduces the cost of investing in beauty because the complex was eliminated by surgery.

Hendriksen has investigated many studies and concludes that "Many people are satisfied with cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery will probably make people happy." On the other hand, it also points out that happiness due to complex elimination and happiness in life are different things. He said he would not be satisfied with cosmetic surgery alone if he wants to improve his own life itself.

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