Is there a mysterious force in the left half of the human face?

ByJ. K. Califf

As a woman with high awareness of beauty knows the angle "When you see from this angle is the most beautiful", the human face is asymmetrical. The left half of the face is controlled by the "right brain" that controls sensitivity and sensation, and the right half is controlled by the "left brain" that controls logical matter, but about such a strange relationship between the face and the brain Elisa Gabbart of the writer is summarizing.

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Mr. Gabbart said that he thought that "looking at his face from the left side looks more beautiful" over the past few decades. On the right side of the face are gathered such items as "mole" made in teens, "side teeth slightly missing", "scars from the jaw to the lower lip" that were created when the head was thrust into the glass It seems to be because there is a reason, but due to that, Mr. Gabbart said that he also felt that the right half of his face seemed to be "aged" more than the left half .

However, recently, Mr. Gabbarth realized that he was unconsciously looking at his "good side (left side of the face)" with a mirror. From this experience, Mr. Gabbard started investigating the human face and brain.

ByIsaiah van Hunen

In one study found by Mr. Gabbard, which is more attractive, from the face of a man in the picture, "face made with the left side of the face mirrored" and "face made by mirroring the right side of the face" A mysterious research to evaluate based on "visual comfort" was carried out. According to this study, the subjects have the result that they feel more attractive for "the face made by mirroring the left side of the face".

According to other studies, the left half of the face is "full of emotion" than the right half. In our research papers, "Our conclusion is that the left cheek shows the emotions with great strength, and the side who sees it will be comfortable aesthetically".

Whether you can realize these research results or not is how to asymmetrically how the human face is asymmetric is seen by photographer Julian Wolkenstein in the 2010 "Symmetrical Portraits" photo collection I understand well. This photo collection is a collection of portraits that mirror the left half of a human face and mirrored the right half mirror.

Symmetrical Portraits: Julian Wolkenstein

From people who look similar in the left and right ......

A variety of people who look like completely different people.

Mr. Gabbat understood that seeing multiple pictures means that "they do not have the same face shape" and "It looks like a sister with the left and right faces, but it looks like a twin I do not think it is a face. " Certainly, you can see that no symmetrical face exists perfectly regardless of which picture you see.

In addition, Mr. Gabbath said, "Blonde women have a very attractive left half, eyes are like a cat's eyes, the nose is pointed (rather than the real thing), while the right half is totally It seems that there is no tightness and it is not intellectual. "

Everyone has a question, "Why am I looking so much in the mirror, is it a bad picture if it is a picture?" The answer to this is "Simple contact effectIn other words, it may be mentioned that "I see it repeatedly with a mirror everyday, I am familiar with myself that the left and right were inverted." In the photograph, you may see a face taken from an angle you are not familiar with usually, or a face taken from directly in front of you. Mr. Gabbat says, "These photographs show us the face of the human truth."

ByKamilla Oliveira

There is a method called "Miller test" for checking the cognitive ability of animals. In this experiment, first anesthetize the subject, then mark the face with an odorless paint and place the mirror. If the subject's ability to recognize is high, the subject notices the paint of the face and looks at the face or shows a reaction to erase the mark. This mirror test is done not only for humans but for various animals, chimpanzees clear the test, but monkey seems to be unable to clear the test. Besides, gorillas are mixed with things that do not clear and dolphins and magpies can clear the test. It seems that humans are going to clear this test in 18 months of age, that is, humans will begin to have things like "attachment to self" or "self-consciousness" in 18 months of age.

There is a disease called "Mirror derision" caused by damage to the brain and metamorphic diseases such as Alzheimer's. When Mirror Deluxe's ​​patient performs a mirror test, he seems to see himself in the mirror as someone else who is not himself, a bad guy. By Robert LevineStranger in the MirrorIt seems that the story concerning the patient of Miller de Rujeon is gathered up in the book that is saying, for example, a young woman called Yolanda introduces a case named "Ruth" to himself reflected in the mirror, etc. .

If you can not recognize yourself in the mirror, you can not even notice that "the mirror reflects the image" in the first place, but the patient of Mirror Deluxe recognizes himself as a stranger in the mirror . However, it seems that other people on the mirror are "doing what" what they are doing, it seems to be able to recognize firmly, and it seems that only the presence of themselves can not be recognized by the patient. Brain scans and autopsy reports revealed from the information that most patients with Miller deRujon had damage in the right frontal lobe of the brain.

ByDaniel Göggel

Other studies have revealed that activities of the right brain become more active when you hear your own voice rather than seeing yourself. According to psychologist Julian Paul Keinnan, human beings are recognizing their faces earlier than the right brain does. In other words, what we can say from these results is that human's self-recognition ability is not done throughout the brain, but what is done in the right brain is no doubt.

"Can you see yourself on the left side of your face if you find yourself in the right brain?" Gabbat says, but such a thing is that Mr. Gabbat himself It may be the reason why I prefer the left half of the face.

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