Creative people may be conscious of things that others are not visible

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"Big Five Personality Characteristics" that analyzes the person's personality using five factors, "emotional stability (neurotic tendency)" "extroversion / introversion" "openness" "cooperativeness" "diligence" There is a method called. Among them, people with high openness expressed also as "intellectual curiosity" are said to be "creative" personality, and it seems that "the world seems to be different" with other people .

Seeing it both ways: Openness to experience and binocular rivalry suppression

People with creative personalities really do see the world differently

The research team at the University of Melbourne conducted a survey on whether "openness" had an effect on visual perception.

One of the tests is to see different images of green and black striped pattern with left eye and red and black striped pattern with right eye. At this time, human beings may recognize as if they are seeing "striped patterns mixed with green, red and black" which actually does not exist.

When I looked up, I found that a person with a high "openness", that is, a person with a creative character recognizes a "mixed image" longer than the average. Also, they also found that they tend to recognize "mixed images" for a long time in the same positive feelings as when creativity is increased.

Similarly, a test of "blindness blindness" was also conducted. Careless blindness is a phenomenon that sometimes you may miss something if you concentrate on something, you can check with the following image. The test content is "How many passers of white shirts did you pass?"

Selective attention test - YouTube

In this image, a gorilla (Costumes of a gorilla) appears from the right side of the screen in the middle stage, drums in the center and leaves to the left side. I do not like it because I go across the middle of the passers, but in the experiment half of the 192 subjects did not notice the gorillas. However, people with creative personality often found Gorillas.

Based on these results, the research team thinks that people with creative personality may be aware of what other people have overlooked in visual information in consciousness.

A famous painter sometimes draws a picture "Why can you draw such a thing?", But it may be because it is visible to the visual information we have overlooked Hmm.

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