Apple will continue to block Google's internal applications as well as Facebook, spreading misuse of corporate programs

by Ben Nuttall

It is reported that Apple has shut down Google's internal iOS application distribution following Facebook. This seems to be that pre-release beta version of applications delivered by Google, such as the initial version of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, in addition to the employee-only application such as Google's internal cafe application and bus application, has stopped working.

Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps - The Verge

When creating an in-house application for iOS, a program called Apple Developer Enterprise Program is used. This program is to download the application's ipa file directly from the net so that it can be installed on the device without publishing the application to the App Store. In order to participate in this program, a company certificate is required I will.

On January 30, 2019, Facebook suspected that it was collecting iPhone user's smartphone data in the form of using an in-house application, Apple has revoked Facebook's corporate certificate. Google also reported that it was delivering apps that were almost similar to Facebook, and a Google spokesperson told The Verge: "This application was not delivered, already an iOS version app disabled I am doing it. "

Apple bought almost all user's smartphone data at 2200 yen per month, Apple is blocking Facebook's in-house app - GIGAZINE

However, even though Apple seems to have revoked Google's corporate certificate, Google's in-house iOS application can not be distributed / downloaded. Google spokesman said to The Verge, "Apple is working closely with Google to solve this situation," Apple spokeswoman told BuzzFeed "We are working with Google , We are supporting the rapid revival of corporate certificates. "

Apple warned that before the Facebook revoked the certificate, "If you distribute an app to a user using a company certificate, that developer's certificate will be revoked".

Alex Fajkowski , a developer of iOS applications, claims that Amazon, DoorDash , and Sonos also distribute beta versions of the application to non-employees, abusing the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, in addition to Facebook and Google . In response, The Verge says, "Like companies like Facebook and Google, there will be many other companies involved in violation of regulations." "Apple has to take action against these apps, or Apple Developer We may be forced to improve the Enterprise Program itself. "

Although Facebook has been forfeited, it has been reported that certificates have already been reissued and internal iOS applications can be redistributed.

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