Why can not you stop the act of 'pushing a button'?

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Buttons are deeply penetrated into the life of modern people so that it can be said that there is no life to touch buttons, such as light switch and TV remote control. Moreover, the action itself of "pushing a button" itself is loved widely regardless of purpose, as an item just pressing a button to handicraft is released or a game pushing only a button is released. Rachel Plotnick, assistant professor at the graduate school of movie media at Indiana University, explains the " pushbutton culture " that he has been studying for more than seven years.

I studied buttons for 7 years and learned these 5 lessons about how and why people push them

In late nineteenth century Kodak entered the camera market with a catch phrase "You press the button, you only have to press the button, leave it to us", "use the camera It is not difficult to do "image strategy to expand the base of customers.

But "Actually button operations are not always easy and useful," Mr. Plotnick insists. For example, a cockpit of a passenger aircraft and a turntable used by a DJ have a lot of buttons, but a complicated operation is required that can not be understood except by pilots and DJs. Although the action of pushing the button is simple, most of the buttons in the world need more than a certain amount of training to understand "when and how to press".

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Also, when closing the door by riding the elevator, the closing button is pushed. However, as soon as the door closes quickly, hindrance to getting on and off by a physically handicapped person is hindered, so most American elevators do not operate And that. According to Mr. Plotnick, there seems to be something in the pushbuttons for the pedestrian crossing, which are not functioning even though they are installed.

Still the buttons are installed because the act of "pushing a button" plays a positive role on the user's mental health. Ellen Langer, professor of psychology at Harvard University explains, "The act of pushing a button works as cognitive control , reducing stress and increasing happiness." Also, John Kounios, professor of psychology at the University of Drexel, said, "Even if you know that pushing the elevator's closing button is useless, people want to push the button, because the elevator door closes Remuneration will eventually occur at all times. "

by Martin Alonso

And Plotnick insists that "Button has made capitalist economy bigger." The first "electric pushbutton" that appeared in the 19th century appeared as a switch for turning on lights or as a chime for the wealthy people to call official servants. Eventually buttons became to be used for vending machines, and in the 20th century various services were improved to "get one button."

The best example is Amazon 's Dash Button . You can purchase toilet paper, detergent and instant coffee from Amazon by just pushing the physical button. Furthermore, in January 2019, in Germany it was judged that Dash Button is in violation of the Consumer Protection Act, because "We do not inform the customer of the amount paid at the time of ordering".

According to a questionnaire survey conducted by Mr. Plotnick, which is thought to make life more convenient and enrich society, it is said that because of the simplicity of "just doing anything by pushing" it means "what will happen if the child gets it?" Many people were concerned about it. Mr. Plotnick said that this problem has existed for more than a century, and in the late 19th century when the button appeared it was already reported that a child pushed buttons to the eye.

by Nikki McLeod

In addition, there were many people who felt concern that it could be used socially undesirable by the hands of the bad guys. In fact, Matt Lauer, a famous American moderator who was dismissed in sexual harassment and has become a problem, has been reported to have abused the "button that closes the door and applies electromagnetic lock" installed in the office desk.

Among other things, there is an image that concerns about the buttons are the most worrisome "the world is wrapped in battle by pushing the button once". This concern became pronounced in the East-West Cold War after the Second World War, and finally the existence of "a button that a nuclear missile is fired towards an enemy country just by pressing" became rumored. In fact, although there is a special process to launch a nuclear missile, you can not drive a nuclear missile with a single button.

Still, faith in the launch button of the nuclear missile seems to be strong, and in January 2018 President Donald Trump of the US said, "I also have a nuclear button but it is bigger than the one of North Korean leader Kim Rong- He is powerful and works properly "on Twitter.

The shape and structure of the button has not changed over the years, and the anxiety and dissatisfaction that people have held against the button has not changed either. On the other hand, the user interface of the machine becomes more complicated by the button which should have been expected to be easy operation originally, and unnecessary operation is increasingly demanded.

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Plotnick argues that in order to solve the endless debate about the buttons, more consciousness should be given to the act of pressing a button in everyday life. "If you examine what, under what circumstances, under what conditions, and what to press the button for, what you might be able to understand the complexity and importance of the button," Plotnick said It was.

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