PUBG releases 'PUBG Lite' which can be played free & low spec PC

" PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)" which gained popularity as a fire of the battle royal game released an open beta version of " PUBG Lite " that can be played free and with low spec PCs in Thailand. In order to make Paid version PUBG more widely available to users, it seems that "PUBG Lite" which can play free and low spec PCs has appeared.

PUBG starts testing free version to better take on Fortnite - The Verge

Unlike the original version of PUBG, the basic play is free, unlike the original version of "PUBG Lite" which the open beta test started in Thailand from January 24, 2019, as a star. Although it is PUBG known as the fire of battle royal games, despite being a pioneer, at the time of writing the article, the same situation is that Fort Knight of the same battle royal game boasts more popularity. The reason why Fort Knight is played wider than PUBG is that the basic play is free, PC · PS 4 · Xbox One · iOS · Android · Nintendo Switch, and play points on various platforms etc It is cited.

PUBG also released the PS4 version in December 2018, but it is clear that multiplatforming was late than Fort Knight.

PS PS version "PUBG" will be announced officially announced on December 7 - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, "PUBG Lite" was rolled out to acquire a wider audience. The paid version of PUBG is completely independent from the game, and the development team said "Independent development team for PUBG Lite, including maps derived from the paid version and other functions, to develop exclusive content We will work on it. "

The minimum system requirements of PUBG Lite are as follows, OS is 64 bit version Windows 7/8/10, CPU is Core i 3 2.4 GHz, memory (RAM) is 4 GB, GPU is Intel HD Graphics 4000, storage is 4 GB. The minimum system requirements of the original version of PUBG are Intel Core i5 - 4430 / AMD FX - 6300, 8 GB RAM, GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2 GB, storage is 30 GB.

The maps available at PUBG Lite at the time of article creation are "Elan Gel" and "Miramar", and there are three battle modes of solo duo squad as well as the original version. Although the beta version is distributed only in Thailand at the time of article creation, it seems that it will be considered to offer in a wider area in future if it is in good condition.

A movie announcing the open beta test of PUBG Lite has also been released and can be checked from the following.


According to the survey company SuperData , PUBG has recorded the highest sales as a paid game in 2018, and that amount will be as much as 1,035 million dollars (about 110 billion yen). However, despite the rival Fort Knight's basic play free, he recorded $ 2.4 billion (about 260 billion yen) in sales in 2018.

It is said that Fort Knight is supposed to be useful not only as a game but also as a communication tool, but as PUBG Lite is introduced, PUBG will pay attention whether it can expand its market even a bit.

Fort Knight plays a big role as a communication tool, not just a game - GIGAZINE

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