Is the release of Super Nintendo Game on Nintendo Switch Online? Many titles are found in the code

A code suggesting the possibility of playing software for Super Nintendo at the Nintendo Switch online service " Nintendo Switch Online " was found.

It was Kapuccino Heck who found the code. KapuccinoHeck was a person discovering an unpublished title of NES (NESCON) on the code at Nintendo Switch Online of the Nintendo switch and succeeded in finding the title of SNES (Super Nintendo) in the process of finding other titles And that.

The discovered titles are as follows. Super Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda Gods Triforce, Yoshi's Island, Starfox, Super Mario World, F-Zero and so on are included.

A game title that was found additionally.

Although Nintendo has issued a policy that it does not intend to capture the title of the super nintendo and other game machines to Nintendo Stitch Online, from the existence of the code of the Super Nintendo Entertainment title, we have no choice but to expect the release of the Super Nintendo Game Collection.

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