Fate / stay night [HF] Saber Oltata wearing a visor 'Ortaman' I tried it

In accordance with the opening of the movie version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" II.lost butterfly , " Ortuman black sesame seed entering " and " Glass & grape jelly " appeared in Lawson and I went to buy.

Arrive at Lawson

A pop of "Ortaman" was set up in the store fixture.

"Ortaman" is 200 yen including tax, "Glass & Grape Jelly" has two types of designs 538 yen including tax.

The size of "Altaman" is about the same as ordinary beef samba.

The bedding is also "Fate" specification.

When I try to break it apart the contents are black. Because Saber Horta is a figure of Saber who "faints" by receiving the curse of the Holy Grail, it can be said that it is perfect. By the way, not being a curse of the Holy Grail, it is black sesame seeds that are clogged, sweet as sweet as it is eaten, it will not be cursed.

"Glass and jelly" is a set of glasses and jelly like this ... ...

Remove the jelly and leave the glass handy separately. There are two kinds of patterns, one with cherry blossoms drawn and one with Archer & Rin & Gill drawn, and the pattern of cherry blossoms sold out at the store purchased this time.

Jelly is collaborating with the part where the character is drawn in the package, the contents are not collaboration, but it feels something because it is a purple jelly that makes a work called Fate and cherry blossoms.

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