Life-size large Saber figures appeared Various viewing of exhibits of "Machi ★ Asobi Ver" of "Fate / Zero - Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition -"

One of the events of "Machi ★ Assobi vol.9" "Fate / Zero - The 4th Holy Grail War Exhibition - Machi ★ Asobi Ver."Is an adventure rally type event different from the usual" Fate / Zero - Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition - ". At various places within the gore ★ Asobi venue, we set up the exhibits related to this event, such as the statue of a life-size servant, so we decided to actually see it.

Fate / Zero - The 4th Holy Grail War Exhibition - Tokushima Machi ★ Asobi Ver.

When I was walking in Poppo Street, I found a crowd of people. When looking closely, the appearance of Saber lighted up in the back.

"Fight until the end - Bet on the pride of this sword!"

This Saber seems to be life-size.

There is a shadow because it is lighted up, you can see the three-dimensional feeling more increased.

Lively look.

You can come closer to see nearby and you can better understand that it is a creation that sticks to details.

Not only the main body but also the sword of the weapon is elaborately finished.

To summon the servantMagic teamAlso reproduced.

It is possible to look around also behind. In addition, "Fate / Zero - The 4th Holy Grail War Exhibition - Machi ★ Asobi Ver." Requires participation fee, but as this exhibit can be seen by anyone, gusset ★ Assobi It is worth a visit when participating in.

In addition, it seems that you can tell the hint of the event here.

It is also an exhibition hall in one corner of Poppo Street.

When I entered I found a senior large panel.

From the left "Lancer" "Saber" "Archer". It is the point that Saber's sword is shining.

In addition, "Caster" ... ...

"Berserker" ... ...

You can also see "Assassin" in a huge "rider". Because it is lighted up on the life-size side, it is also impressive full scale here.

You can also view posters that describe the profile of each servant as magmajiji.

In addition, in the back, many profiles have been exhibited that make each master a little more fascinating, and a lot of people were stopping their feet.

"Ryuu Ryunosuke"

The books recorded about the Holy Grail war are also displayed together.

This is "Zen kindergarden"

If you look closely at your pocket, you will see a picture of "The tosaka time"

In addition, there are also pictures falling from pockets in the feet, full of highlights.

"Mr. Tohsaka Time"

A large crimson jewel in hand.

This is "Kanji Minamiya"

Using Mr. Kanji MiyamiThompson ContenderAlso exhibited together.

"Kaines · Hermeloy · Arch Bolt"

Also "meridian spirit (Volsmen · Hydragram)" which is mercury with its own magical power.

"Weyver velvet"

There is a sleeping bag and Yunkel used in episode 20 in the backpack.

Last is 'Konpei celebration'

The opened Old Testament "Samuel" is being exhibited together.

In this exhibition hall you can see a black back and a stereogram shining in gold.

The identity of the black people is an assassin.


"The insect kela creeping in the ground - who gets forgiveness and raises the surface?"

Yes, the true identity of the golden stereoscopic image is "Archer".

It also had an overwhelming presence in the exhibition hall.

In the interior there is a dubious atmosphere drifting hard to approach "Makura House".

"Zengari Gansoe" and "Togasaka Sakura" ... ...

And it's too real and a slightly bad engraving insect.

Two inscriptions are creeping in Tokura cherry tree.

It is directly opposite the "Chinen Church".

Here, we reproduce the room where the word Kenko and Archer were talking.

Serpentine trousers left unexpectedly ....

There was also a drinking wine.

Also on the second floor of the Awaodori Kaikan is "Fate / Zero shop"Merchandise cornerThere are a lot of goods related to events.

Inside is like this.

Event commemorative products ......

Ordered items are displayed, so it may be nice to see them.

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