I have eaten Juicy & Spicy 'Dry Honey Chicken' with Kintucky which alternates between spicy hot pepper and honey sweetness

" Dry Honey Chicken " with a sweet special honey chicken appeared in Kentucky from January 9, 2019 (Wednesday), 2019, to the chicken of the clamsu with the texture of spicy crunchy crispy spicy peppers. . At the same time, it was said that " Japanese style chicken cut cheese sand " " Minestrone " has also been launched in limited quantities, so I tried it together.

Kentucky's new proposal! Can you enjoy the combination of sweetness and hotness "Miko"? ! "Dry Honey Chicken" New release on Wednesday, January 9

Quantity-limited new products appear from Kentucky! "Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich" January 9 (Wed) New release Soup "Minestrone" packed with tomato acidity and natural taste of vegetables

Arrived in Kentucky.

After ordering, after several minutes dry hot chicken, Japanese style chicken cut cheese sandwich, Minestrone were handed.

First of all, we opened a bag of "Dry Honey Chicken" (270 yen including tax). At first glance it looks like any fried chicken, but the special honey honey sauce was sprinkling in some places.

Compared to the iPhone with a total length of 123.8 mm this is about this.

When I gotta try it, I feel irritated from scratching clothing that is deep-fried and crispy. If you look closely you can see something like red pepper fragments, although it is not as tight as your tongue is numb, it's pretty firm spicy. The moment you put it in your mouth, the spicyness of the clothes expands, but the flavor of the special honey source like honey maple you put on the biscuit will come. It is rather busy feeling that hotness and sweetness are alternatingly crowding with "It's painful ... no, no, sweet!" Rather than "sweet spicy".

As I continue to eat, the sweetness of the honey sauce becomes steadily stronger, but it is not sweetness to relieve the spicy so if I can eat one, my body warmed up.

Next, "Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich" (410 yen including tax)

When opening the package it looks like this.

It is sandwich with cheese in Kentucky's " Japanese style chicken cut sandwich ".

The juicy chicken cutlets wearing crispy clothes are combined with sweet Teriyaki sauce & specialized mayonnaise, but the taste of the cheese and mildness is added as it is. Since cheese is sandwiched between cutlets and the lower buns, it is easy to touch the tongue and its presence is firmly felt, but it is not as uncomfortable as saying "Originally this kind of food?"

Finally "Minestrone" (290 yen including tax)

When opening the lid it looks like this.

Tomatoes, onion, cabbage, carrots, etc. The sweetness and sourness of tomato plenty of vegetables are felt anyhow, and the cold body warms up warmly. Because it was a lot of vegetables, it seemed just right when I wanted to put something on my stomach a little more after eating fried chicken and sandwiches.

In addition, Dry Honey Chicken, Japanese Style Chicken Cuties Cheese Sand, Minestrone are both limited in quantity, and have been discontinued as soon as they are gone.

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