【Limited Time FREE】 In 2018 Illustrations of 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' and a series of examination decided on serial series Review of the last year of Heisei collection 【until January 5】

A year has passed since the beginning of the GIGAZINE Manga Award . Every month, as the eyes gaze, I'm pleased to hear from you that I am pleased to apply. Since 2019 I am still recruiting, so please do not hesitate to submit comics as well as manga, drawing portfolio and original script.

At such a GIGAZINE Manga Award, Illustrators have drawn a very nice illustration as a "Top Picture". A summary of the top picture of the 10 manga prizes received in 2018 and an illustration of the make-up as an illustration collection, "What I got when I ordered the illustration to make the image of" the manga grand prix "an image is ordered RIGHT GIGAZINE top painting collection" is. Illustration collection also includes grand prize / second prize winning work and secret material such as examination manuscript decided by serial, so I would like you to enjoy it as a closing in 2018 or a retrospective.

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◆ Summary of 'GIGAZINE ILLUSTRATION collection 2018' The title of the illustration collection is "GIGAZINE TOP Painting Collection" when I ordered the illustration to make the image of "Manga Award" pretty easy. I decided to make it the most impact, although there were plans to try to make English words as fashionable, to make it as manga or light novel style, or to illustrate + GIGAZINE for ILLAZINE.

The contents are "Top Illustration Calendar" which summarizes the top picture of the manga grand prix, "Making Book Reference " which posted all the making illustrations, "Examination Drafts Examined by GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) Members Only Three of "2018" GIGAZINE Manga Awards Series Decision Work "posted on.

In "Top Illustration Calendar", Illustrations of 11 pieces totaling the illustration used for the top picture from March to December and the cover page of the illustration collection are posted.

This book is made with "reflow type" that arranges letters and images according to the size and setting of the terminal, so the image is slightly smaller instead of being easy to read. To display a larger image, tap "Standard" in the margin setting from the character icon.

If you set the margin with "narrow", you can read the illustration in a more enlarged state. Just note that text may move to the next page and it may be difficult to read.

Also, double tap the illustration ......

You can also enlarge the illustration to fill the screen to see it.

Since you can also expand by pinching out, it is recommended if you want to see more nice illustrations more carefully.

Below the illustration, each author's name and a link to making are listed. Tap "Making is here" ......

You can jump to the making page of that illustration. It is good to enjoy illustrations and making in order, if there is an illustration you care about go jumping and go to see the making.

"In 2018" GIGAZINE Manga Award "Series Decision Work", two review papers that won the grand prize and second goal in the "drawing department" and serials during the year 2019 although the awards were missed in the "original and screenwriting division" "First episode" of the work that has been decided by the special editor. It is a secret material only here, so please get it by all means.

Cover illustration making - The cover page of the illustration collection was drawn by Amako . It is a beautiful and impressive illustration that the e-book store that does not display the cover too large seems to draw an eye out.

I got a comment from Amako .

Nice to meet you.
I am honored to be able to draw the cover of the GIGAZINE Manga Awards this time.
I was able to do things that I could not have experienced so far and the motivation for future activities has also increased greatly.
This time it was a cover page so we created it while worrying, so I'm happy if you can see it to the end!

Below, it will be an easy making.

Rough draft part 1. Aramaki "Because I like the New Year motif, I expressed it with the image that the girls portrayed the colorful world towards the screen," the vividness of the New Year. "

Rough draft adopted Part 2. Aramaki "I will express the vividness with Dharma without changing the theme and the theme of rough draft 1, and I emphasized the overall viewability"

Rough draft Part 3. Amako: "I also cut the part of rough ideas 1 and 2 without changing the theme."

Aramaki "I will draw a line drawing based on the rough. I was careful to be a soft line as I wanted to paint thickly on the wind."

Aramaki "Coloring from parts to parts while picking colors from rough.This time I will not draw the pattern of a hakama because I want to make Dharma the main one"

Amako "I will paint in as a whole by looking at the color rough put on the rough.Initially we do not care about the light source but add only the shadow and the light source gradually adds. Basically the paint is usually a layer We will promote"

Amako "I painted further, I put highlights and put light light in places where I want to give a three-dimensional feeling.We also adjusted the color of the line drawings and the overall coloration here."

"I made noise or blurred so that it got closer to the first image, so I wanted to make it a bit more orange, so I made a thin overlay on the whole and it was completed."

The cover containing the title of the book is here.

Along with illustration collections, I would like to thank GIGAZINE and the GIGAZINE Manga Award in the future.

【Limited time offer】 GIGAZINE Top Painting Collection 2018 | GIGAZINE | Kindle Store | Amazon 【until January 5th】

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