Movie 'Brexit' Official Trailer 1st release of the film behind the unknown election strategy that skillfully manipulated SNS and led Britain to withdraw from the EU

In the referendum asking whether Britain 's withdrawal of the EU was held in June 2016, the proponents won victory over most expectations. Behind the triumph that reversed the disadvantage of disadvantage, there was an election strategy unit that used SNS skillfully and captured "3 million people who should not exist". The first edition of the official trailer of the movie " Brexit " depicting behind the scenes how the Breguzzi happened with the co-production of British BBC Studios, Channel 4, House Productions has been released.

Brexit (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO - YouTube

"Everyone knows which one won, but nobody knows how to win."

Two people talking about something.

"Our" biggest question "is about to be questioned"

"Do you leave the EU or stay?"

"It requires a leader"

This guy, Dominique Cumings, was behind the "Brexit" that Britain's EU exit victory won.

This is a hard-to-believe true story.

"We must understand who our supporters are"

"Appeal to their heart"

It seems that he is interviewing.

The old couple answered, "New people came" and "We were locked out."

Dominic to face the whiteboard and master the writing strategy unconditionally.

"We are trying to regain the time when everyone knew their place, an era when things had meanings, whether fiction or not,"

Dominic appeals that "We must hack the political system."

"With hack?"

"I am talking about changes in the political matrix"

"Social media is designed to find people who like to click" Like "software engineer.

It was the power of SNS that held the key of Brexit.

"With our software, we can find and target people who have not been targeted at the moment."

"That is a person who never votes, people who have never voted before."

People who do not even think that there is a partner camp.

Based on advice from software engineers Dominic decided to aim for 3 million people who should not exist.

A reporter who hears "Realistic stories, what are your expectations?"

"The greatest political overthrow will happen so far, Dominic replied," It's the biggest since the fall of the Berlin Wall. "

"Are you ready"


Strategy was carried out.

On the social network, countless campaign to appeal "EU departure" started.

Dominic who screams "Let's regain control!" In front of a promotional car.

Even my friends will face each other.

The "Vote Leave" campaign started this way

The remaining time is over two months

"The fight for the UK has finally started"

The opposing camp is also starting a fight.

A woman sticking the poster of "Vote Leabe" and raising the middle finger.

A demonstration that appeals to "get back the country."

Everyone is wrapped in enthusiasm.

To the fuss about the police acting.

"You feed on the forces that are obsessed with fear and hatred. Once you open the box, you can not close it anymore."

"A new politicnament appeared in the city, that you can never control."

A documentary film "Brexit" which depicts what happened behind the referendum which the EU withdrawal victory is going to be announced on January 19, 2019 in the American HBO and UK channel 4.

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