The worst password 2018 edition, top is stable '123456'

The 2018 edition "Worst Password · Worst 100" was released from the security company SplashData. Worst 1 is stable "123456", regulars are ordered by regulars.

The Worst Passwords of 2018 100-50 | SplashData

If you look at 1st to 100th in a stretch it is as follows.

· 1st to 10th
1st place: 123456
Second place: password
3rd place: 123456789
4th place: 12345678
5th place: 12345
6th place: 111111
7th place: 1234567
8th place: sunshine
9th place: qwerty
10th place: iloveyou

· 11th to 20th
11th place: princess
12th place: admin
13th place: welcome
14th place: 666666
15th position: abc123
16th: football
17th place: 123123
18th place: monkey
19th place: 654321
20th place :! @ $% ^ & *

· 21st to 30th
21th place: charlie
22nd position: aa 123456
23th place: donald
24th: password1
25th place: qwerty123
26th place: zxcvbnm
27th place: 121212
28th place: bailey
29th place: freedom
30th place: shadow

· 31st to 40th
31st: passw0rd
32nd place: baseball
33rd: buster
34th place: daniel
35th place: hannah
36 th: thomas
37th place: summer
38th: george
39th: harley
40th place: 222222

· 41st to 50th
41th place: jessica
42th place: ginger
Ranked # 43: letmein
44th place: abcdef
45th place: solo
46th: jordan
47th place: 55555
48th: tigger
49th place: joshua
50th place: pepper

· 51st to 60th
51th place: sophie
52th place: 1234
53th place: robert
54th place: matthew
55th place: 12341234
56th: andrew
57th place: lakers
58th: andrea
59th place: 1 qaz 2 ws x
60th: starwars

· 61st to 70th
61th: ferrari
62nd: cheese
Rank 63: computer
64th: corvette
65th place: mercedes
66th place: blahblah
67th place: maverick
68th: hello
69th place: nicole
70th: hunter

· 71st to 80th
71th place: 1989
72th place: amanda
73th place: 1990
74th place: jennifer
75th place: banana
76th place: chelsea
Rank 77: ranger
78th place: 1991
79th place: trustno1
80th place: merlin

· 81st to 90th
Rank 81: cookie
82th: ashley
83th: bandit
84th place: killer
85th place: aaaaaa
86th place: 1q2w3e
87th place: zaq1zaq1
88th: test
89th: hockey
90th place: dallas

· 91st to 100th
91th place: whatever
92th place: admin123
93th place: pussy
94th: liverpool
95th place: querty
96th: william
97th place: soccer
98th place: london
99th place: 1992
100 th: biteme

If you are using a password that was in the worst 100 let's change it early.

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