Disney Pixar Announces Production of New Movie 'Onward' Casting Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as Cast

Animation studio Disney Pixar announced on December 12, 2018, suddenly on Twitter that the new movie " Onward " will be released in 2020. Casts such as Chris Pratt , Tom Holland , Julia Luis-Dreyfuss , Octavia Spencer etc. are announced along with the title logo.

Disney Pixar Has Revealed That Chris Pratt and Tom Holland Will Play Characters in Upcoming Film, Onward

Pixar's Onward: Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus star in film | EW.com

This is what the Disney Pixar official tweeted on December 12th. Chris Pratt played Owen Grady in " Jurassic World / Fire Kingdom " on the title logo "Onward", Tom Holland who played Peter Parker in " Spider-Man: Homecoming ", a national comedy of the United States Julia Luis-Dreyfus who regularly appeared in the drama " Nearby Seinfeld " and gained popularity, Octavia Spencer who received the 84th Academy Award for Supportive Actress award at " Help - Story Connecting Heart " Many people name each other as a cast. The release date is scheduled for March 6th (Friday) 2020.

According to information Dan Scanlon, who is expected to serve as director, said at the Disney Official Fan Club event " D23 Expo " held in 2017, two elves' brothers will appear in "Onward" . Teenage brothers have lost their fathers when they were very small, but it is reported that it seems to be a plot that they can spend the last days with their fathers thanks to the power of magic.

Although elves appear, the world that is the stage of "Onward" seems to be a combination of fantasy and reality. According to Mr. Scanlon, "House of the mushroom is standing on the street and the house has a satellite broadcasting antenna.In front of the house the minivan is stopped, there are no humans but there are unicorns It is said that it is the stage where technology of the real world is adopted while succeeding the world of fantasy to the wind ".

Although it is not clear about the character's name and detailed information, it is almost certain that Pratt and Holland will play the elves 'brothers' voices, which seems to be leading characters. Following the announcement of "Onward" this time, Holland acting as a cast on Instagram "I wanted to keep it secret for a long time, but it is time to announce, I will be fortunate to appear in Disney Pixar's movie I am excited very much. "Posted a movie. "It will be a good movie," he said.

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My friends at @ DisneyPixar have allowed me to make a very exciting announcement ... # onward

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