Pixar's latest work is "Coco" by Toy Story 3 director Lee Ann Rich

The latest work of Pixar · Animation · Studio, "Coco" (Coco), which has produced "Toy · Story" series, "Cars" series, "Monsters · Ink" etc. will be released on November 22, 2017. The director is Lee Anklich of "Toy Story 3", the information is revealed by the work official and Twitter account of Director Ann Rich.

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Pixar's Coco reveals cast, plot details

Concept art depicting the hero Miguel and grandma.

Thinking that "I am cursed by music" I grew up at a house and grew up in a music loving boy Miguel adore secretly to singer Ernesto de la Cruz, at one time stepped into the country of a dead man, Haruka I met Imida, the high-grandmother who was supposed to have died a long time ago ... ... the synopsis of the work.

It is announced in August 2015 that the work will be produced.

Playing the hero's Miguel is a 12-year-old newcomer, Anthony Gonzales.

It is Renee Victor who plays the high grandmother.

Benjamin Brat is the role of Miguel's singer, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Gael · Garcia · Bernal, who is in charge of Meguel's travel and Hector.

"Coco" will be released nationwide on November 22, 2017. The disclosure in Japan is currently unknown.

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