Despite Minister in charge of Cyber ​​Security 'Do not touch the PC' 'USB does not know anything' Japan's politicians around the world noisy

Members of the House of Representatives Yoshitaka Sakurada, Minister in charge of Cyber ​​Security Strategy Headquarters, made a shocking remark at the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee that "I have never used my PC before", a dark shadow in Japan's cyber security strategy I am dropping it. The major media of the world report the remarks of this Japanese cyber security countermeasure top.

The question of Mr. Sakurada's answer can be confirmed in the following movie.

[Informative] Minister Sakurada Cyber ​​"Never used a PC" (18/11/14) - YouTube

The remarks of the problem occurred in a question related to cyber security. In a disagreeable debate, Minister Sakurada who was asked "Do you use a personal computer (PC) by yourself?" Says, "Because we are doing it by instructing the secretary, we do not hit a personal computer yourself "I answered.

In addition, I have also discovered the fact that I do not have knowledge about "USB" which is one of the most versatile standards used in electronic equipment such as PCs and smart phones.

Mr. Sakurada in charge of cyber security, USB ignorance - Society: Nikkan Sports

In connection with the cyber attack using the USB memory, Minister Sakurada who was asked "Is there a USB jack (port) at the nuclear power plant in Japan?" Answered "Do not use". In response to the question "Do you know USB jack?" Minister Sakurada says, "Even if there is anything, we will take full responses, Some say that Sakurada might have misunderstood "USB jack" as "hijack" or something.

And, "It seems to put a hole when using (USB), but I do not know well the details, so I will let the expert answer," shocking that USB does not know anything in the first place The facts became clear.

Regarding Sakurada's remarks that emphasize the suspicion that "the presence of the top government agencies that take cyber security measures is the biggest security hole", we also report major overseas media at once.

New York Times and BBC reported facts by Minister Sakurada as a fact.

Minister in Charge of Japan's Cybersecurity Says He Has Never Used a Computer - The New York Times

Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer' - BBC News

AFP (French correspondent) said, "It would be impossible to steal information from any hacker (not using a PC) Sakurada, certainly it might be the strongest security measure," irony I report it in combination.

Does not compute: Japan cyber security minister admits shunning PCs |

Guardian is responsible for the nation's share of the budget for the event, despite continuing to mistake the name of Lotus Councilor as "Lenpou" (correctly "Lenpou") and the minister in charge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in two years Supplemented that there is a past that answered "1500 yen" (correctly 150 billion yen), and added the title "system error" to Sakurada's remarks.

System error: Japan cybersecurity minister admits he has never used a computer | World news | The Guardian

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