It is news that Russia is developing a new torpedo equipped with nuclear warheads and can be devastatingly damaged

In the news program of the TV station co-funded by the Russian government and the National Media Group, confidential documents are mistakenly reflected during the meeting of President Vladimir Putin and the military executive, and the head of the warhead with nuclear warheads It became clear that we are developing distance torpedo.

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News programs that misrepresented confidential documents can be checked from the following movies.

2015-11-10 21-00 - YouTube

While Russian broadcasting station NTV and Channel One were broadcasting a meeting of President Putin and military executives at Sochi, one of the executives was reading confidential documents that wrote the details of the weapons system It was broadcasted. Confidential documents include nuclear warhead loaded long-range torpedo designed by nuclear submarine manufacturing company Rubin "Status-6Structural diagrams and sentences showing destructive power are shown, and those who are watching television are clearly reflecting as readable as anyone can.

According to confidential documents, Status - 6 can break through NATO 's defense network and contaminate the coastal areas of the target countries with radiation and cause enormous damage. It seems that all the activities such as military affairs and economy will be impossible for a long time in the area that was attacked.

Status-6 is 1 meter in diameter and travels underwater at maximum speed 100 km / h, maximum distance range is about 10,000 km. Because the illustrations of 09851 type and 09852 type of deep sea tool nuclear power submarine were drawn in confidential documents, it is expected that Status - 6 will be launched from a submarine like the conventional torpedo, but that There are also indications that the size is too large.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the existence of Status - 6 was unintentionally revealed by the Russian government due to erroneous broadcasting, "It is true that confidential information was reflected on television, The picture has been deleted. "In fact, in fact, the Russian government accepted that it is promoting the development of a torpedo equipped with nuclear warheads.

Russia continues frequently using nuclear submarines, and in October 2015The New York TimesIt has been pointed out that Russian nuclear submarines are active near the submarine cable due to. Regarding this report, BritishBBCReports that "Russia will cut the submarine cable for the Internet in the event of an emergency," and that there is a possibility of shutting off the attack target country from the Internet.

A confidential document states that the launch test of Status - 6 will be possible around 2019 - 2020.

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