Property submission begins to 'Fucking property of the year 2018' that loves charming fantasies

As the end of the year is nearly finished in November, various awards to recognize what symbolizes 2018 are held. The show race " Fucking objects of the year " competing for the highest peak of real estate "Fucking Properties" that goes up obliquely above the imagination is held this year, and promising candidates on Twitter are gathering one after another with self-recommended recommendations.

# Fucking property of the year 2018

Last year's "Fucking Property of the Year 2017" can be understood by looking at the following article.

"Fucking property of the year 2017" that loves charming fantasies is being held, real strength agents appear one after another - GIGAZINE

The wild parasite of the year in 2018 is composed of three elements, "social change = society", "attitude to enhance quality to the utmost", "ability to pursue the truth without sin taku", "social impact of property" How to cause social innovation (SI) "will be the selection criteria. Entry is OK if you add a hash tag of "Fucking Property of the Year 2018" and post it on Twitter with one tweet, at the time when Grip / Fucking Object of the Year 2018 (@ kusobukken2018) retweeted The entry is completed.

So by searching with the hash tag " # Fucking Object of the Year 2018 ", you can see that leading candidates are appearing one after another.

Kitty's restaurant baked in Awaji Island

Legendary narrow house "Slim living house" reappears in the real estate market.

Residential housing fully integrated water

Election office that remodeled the model room

Advanced building that adopts solar panel on outer wall. Living in the shade is lovely.

Japan's smallest convenience store

"Leopalace Ginza" became a social problem as illegal building without boundary wall triggered by television coverage

"Weapons store building" where organized crime group officials kept a large number of guns

There seems to be many social school prosecution works such as "1 yen housing" which symbolizes the vacant house problem that becomes serious.

I also nominated negative aspects of the mega solar project.

Prohibition due to property earning while sleeping, forbidden building owner floor with "nap room" opened

A lot of Chinese work also entries. Apparently the fucking property of the year seems to have been the biggest game in the world.

習近 to eviction refusal flat poster armed ideas housing

Creative rich design building

"Owner" appeared rather than property.

Furthermore, even "neighboring inhabitants" have appeared in the fucking property of the year.

The entry period of the Fucking Property of the Year 2018 is from 7:30 on November 14, 2018 to 13:00 on November 19. The announcement of the Best Work Award and the award ceremony will be held on December 12, 2018 at the Tokyo Total House Tsui Kaikan.

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