There is a situation in which activation of Windows 10 is denied even though it is a valid user

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In Windows 10 of the OS developed by Microsoft, there was a problem that the user data will be lost due to the update so far, but newly said "Although it should have the correct license, Windows 10 license It is reported that the problem that authentication is refused "has occurred.

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There are multiple versions of Windows 10, and in general two types of " Windows 10 Home " and " Windows 10 Pro " are widely used. Windows 10 Home is mainly used for home use, and Windows 10 Pro is said to be a business-use aware version.

Normally, the user who upgraded to Windows 10 will be issued a license, there will be no reason not to invalidate the license. However, when some users with legitimate Windows 10 Pro licenses tried to re-authenticate their licenses, the error "Please use Windows 10 Home because Windows 10 Pro license is not valid" as follows A problem that a message is displayed is reported.

Many users are puzzled by the situation that error messages are displayed even though they have the correct license. In addition, some users who displayed error messages reported that they were using Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro and that they were upgrading to Windows 10 Pro during the free period pattern.

Microsoft already recognized this problem, "The message that Windows 10 Pro license is not valid appears because there is a problem with Microsoft's authentication server at the moment, which is very troubling Although errors are expected to be fixed within 1 or 2 days "announced a statement. Users who have the correct Windows 10 Pro license do not switch to Windows 10 Home according to the message or purchase another Windows 10 Pro license, wait for the defect to be fixed I want it.

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