A study result that 'When you eat cottage cheese just before going to bed, it is good for your health'

I remember hungry when I stay up late at night, although I know "to eat before going to bed is bad for your health", it is something to tell me something. According to researchers at Florida State University, it seems that having mouthfully high protein food like cottage cheese on a snack before going to bed may have a good effect on health.

Pre-sleep protein in casein supplement or whole-food form has no impact on resting energy expenditure or hunger in women | British Journal of Nutrition | Cambridge Core

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Cottage cheese contains many proteins called casein . Also, unlike supplement protein, cottage cheese contains minor amounts of carbohydrates and minerals besides protein. Therefore, it is popular as a health food most suitable for dieting.

The research team led by Associate Professor Michael Ormsbee who studies nutrition, food and exercise science at Florida State University got ten subjects of a healthy young woman in her early twenties to stay in the lab in the laboratory, two hours after dinner, and before bedtime 30 grams of cottage cheese from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. And when we measured the energy consumption, metabolic rate, appetite at the resting time of subjects, energy consumption and metabolic rate at rest were improved, and women's appetite did not change either.

The research team intends to take high-level protein such as cottage cheese before sleeping so that amino acids are supplied stably at night, so muscle building and regulation of immune function are carried out to promote metabolism I believe. In addition, promotion of metabolism leads to weight loss, so the theory that "eating something before sleeping is bad for health" is not necessarily correct.

In addition, the researchers compared the difference in energy consumption, metabolic rate, appetite at rest compared to when ingesting the same amount of casein powder. Then, even if you eat cottage cheese, you got almost the same result as when you ingest casein in supplement. According to Samantha Leyh, a research dietitian of the American Air Force, one of the authors of the paper, it is said that most of the experiments on nutritional science have been carried out in supplements rather than food, so it is not "intake of casein" It is the first time that it was confirmed that it is healthy to eat cottage cheese as a late night meal.

Assistant Professor Ormsbee said, "If you ingest protein with food, it was thought that it works the same as if you ingested it with supplements, but there was no evidence to show it.The results of this study are based on food It shows that protein intake works like supplement supplementation. "

Mr. Leyh says, "This time I use only cottage cheese, I can not say that it applies to all foods, but vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are equivalent to those taken in supplements There is a possibility that it may bring about the effect of "This research result can be the foundation of accurate metabolic response to food consumption" is commented.

The research team says that we are going to consider the pros and cons of eating snacks before dinner and to identify the best food for dinner.

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