What is the startup 'Spatial' aiming to 'extend the office with AR technology'?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology to extend the real world as seen from humans by superimposing information on the real world using computers. Application of AR technology to entertainment such as games has also garnered attention, but " Spatial " startup aims to extend "office" using AR technology technology.

Spatial - Collaborate from anywhere in Augmented Reality

Spatial provides AR content with extended office functions, mainly used for interaction with members working at remote locations. Spatial says that by using the AR content at the same time as the remote workers, it is possible to create situations where they face the remote members in the same office and can collaborate on tasks and brainstorm .

You can see what kind of AR content Spatial is trying to offer by seeing the demo movie below.

Spatial - Collaborate from Anywhere in AR

It is not uncommon to advance work with remotely working people in the modern era of the Internet.

There are many chatting tools and video calling applications for that, but there is a way to collaborate with remote members more conveniently.

With AR technology ......

Even if you are in a remote place, you can approach as if you were sitting next to it. You can interact with each other face to face.

What Spatial is supposed to provide is not just a virtual face-to-face tool ......

We are trying to extend it to the real world even to the task itself that we can proceed jointly.

By introducing Spatial, teams can easily visualize and share their ideas.

We can also use various augmented reality with remote members.

Spatial's augmented reality is PC and ...

It can synchronize with devices such as smartphones.

You can use the space freely as a workspace.

It visualizes ideas by using a vast campus and turns the interaction among members into a very efficient one.

Content displayed in augmented reality can be operated intuitively.

Spatial brings together the digital and physical worlds.

If you take an image drawn on paper with a smartphone ......

It seems that you can paste the image as an image as soon as an augmented reality.

Free collaborative work is possible without being hindered by physical, distance, real and digital boundaries.

Even if the members are far away ......

The same image can be shared through the headset.

Also, even if you do not forcibly prepare a headset, from an ordinary laptop ... ...

It is also possible to participate in conversation through the augmented reality display.

The idea is projected in front of me, the members can grasp things more intuitively.

The form of collaborative work which could not be considered in the past is realized, and you can get to work with full use of individual capabilities.

Spatial is trying to realize the form of a new "collaboration".

Spatial, which had been promoting projects since 2016, has been reported to have succeeded in raising $ 8 million (about 900 million yen) in 2018, and it is said that AR will promote efforts of extended offices . AR may not only be used for play and games, but also for applications and other applications.

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