Thorough explanation with Google's proprietary OS "Google Chrome OS" in the screenshot

Boasting high security, lightweight and simplified so that Google can use the web in 2-3 seconds earlierHave released details of the innovative proprietary OS "Google Chrome OS" with a demonstration movieI informed you that this time we will provide a commentary with a demonstration of the "Google Chrome OS" running.

"Google Chrome OS" is complete on the browser, everything is complete, you can use various WEB applications, editing files created by Microsoft's Office, browsing PDF, interlocking search results with WEB applications etc. It seems to be compatible.

Details are as below.
This is a demo of "Google Chrome OS"

I opened Google's top page with browser "Google Chrome"

I opened a new tab. Basically it is the same as Google Chrome

Pressing the dedicated button in the upper left opens the screen for accessing the WEB application

You can access each application while browsing

I just launched Google Talk. It runs on the browser

I am actually doing text chatting

By using Google Docs "Notepad" is realized.

It is also possible to launch a music player in conjunction with search results.

Minimized players. Attention to the lower right

You can also play games using Flash

Full screen display

It is also possible to read books on Google Book Search

Deploy files etc. in the SD memory card on the browser

Files made with Microsoft Excel can access and edit Windows Live service

You can also display what tabs are displayed in each browser by pop-up

When you recognize the image taken with a digital camera, it looks like this

It will be displayed on the browser

What is displayed at the bottom right is the content browser

PDF files can also be viewed via Google Docs

For a more detailed commentary movie, see below.

Google Chrome OS Webcast

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