I tried using a mobile battery `` Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro '' that can charge a car jump start and smartphone with large capacity current

On October 24, 2018 (Wed) from Anker, a compact jump starter ' Roav Jump Starter Pro ' that can start the engine of a car with a dead battery has appeared. This device has a maximum current of 800 A (amperes) and a maximum current performance twice that of the conventional one, although it is almost the same size as the ``

PowerCore Jump Starter mini '' reviewed by GIGAZINE, so that it can be used for engines with a maximum displacement of 6 liters It is said that it corresponds. Furthermore, a voltmeter has been added to the cable part and the function has been expanded, such as being able to check the state of the battery of the car, so that its ability is one step ahead using the real thing that reached the editorial department I tried to

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The following movie shows how the jump start was actually performed using the Roav Jump Starter Pro on a car with a dead battery.

I tried a car jump start with `` Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro ''-YouTube

The Roav Jump Starter Pro package looks like this.

When I opened the box, there was a carry case with a design based on black and orange. Since only this is included, it seems that all the main body and accessories are contained in this.

The height is about 2/3 of iPhone X and about 9cm.

Weight is 888g. Since all the equipment can be stored in this case, it is safe to put it in the trunk of a car.

In the carry case, in addition to the main body, a jumper cable with a clamp, a Micro-USB cable, an instruction manual, and a paper with support contact information were included.

The main body is about 16cm x 8.5cm, which is one size larger than iPhone X. The main body used as 'premium material' gives off an atmosphere that seems to be quite sturdy.

The thickness is about 3.5cm, about 4 times the thickness of iPhone X (7.8mm).

The weight of the single unit was 215g.

The main unit has a function button, an indicator for displaying the remaining battery level, and a compass.

The compass is small, but shows the correct direction without getting caught inside. It may be useful when the engine stops in the darkness of the mountains.

There is an LED light on the other side ...

Because there is considerable brightness, it seems to be useful even when the battery goes up at night.

A jumping port (jump cable outlet), two USB output ports, and a USB Type-C input port are on the side from the left.

There was a power switch on the side next to it.

To charge, plug the included USB cable into the USB Type-C input port ……

Connect the other end to USB power. Since an AC adapter or USB-AC adapter is not included, it is charged by connecting to the adapter used on the smartphone or the USB terminal of the PC. The input current corresponds to a maximum of 3A.

Next, use the '

USB Simple Voltage / Current Checker ' to check the actual current and voltage during charging. This time I will use iPhone X and Nexus 6 to check.

When charging iPhone X, the current is 1.38A.

The voltage was 5.2V and the output was about 7.2W.

Try charging Nexus 6. The current is 1.4A.

The voltage was 5.01V and the battery was charged at about the same output as about 7W.

Next, charge from two USB output terminals at the same time and check if the output changes. The current of iPhone X is 1.37A ...

The voltage was 5.03V, the output was about 6.9W and there was almost no change when charged alone.

Nexus 6 current is 1.39A.

The voltage was 5.07V and about 7W, so there was no big difference. Since the total output is 3.5A, it seems that two smartphones can be fully charged at the same time if it is a smartphone.

Next, with the battery of the car in the editorial department raised, I actually tried jump start. Note that jump start may not be possible if the remaining charge is less than 50%. You can check how you actually jump started in the same movie below as the beginning.

I tried a car jump start with `` Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro ''-YouTube

The jumper cable can check the status of the battery by itself. When actually measured, the output is 7.8V. It is not enough to start the engine of a 12V car, and you can see that the battery is completely dead.

Let's actually jump start. After inserting the jumper cable into the main body ...

Connect the red and black clamps to the car battery.

After that, if you start by turning the key of the engine, the jump start is successful.

'Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro' can be purchased from the official online store and Amazon.co.jp from Wednesday, October 24, 2018, and the price is 6999 yen including tax. In addition, Amazon.co.jp says that you can purchase only 300 pieces for the first time at 6299 yen of 10% OFF, so please check early if you are interested.

Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro (Compatible with gasoline engine vehicles up to 6.0L and diesel vehicles up to 3L) [Maximum current 800A / Mobile battery function / Safety protection system / Compass function / LED flashlight mounted / Special case included]

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