We acknowledge that Sony is developing a PlayStation that will be the next generation of PS4

Sony's CEO Kenichiro Yoshida answered an interview with the British economic newspaper Financial Times, "At the moment we can say that it is necessary to prepare the next generation hardware," with the successor to PlayStation 4 (PS 4) I made remarks that allowed me to develop next generation game hard.

Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Is Coming, But Will not Speak Its Name

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Microsoft has not concealed anything about the development of the next generation game hard, and in the "The Xbox E3 2018 Briefing" held prior to the big event of the game industry "E3 2018", the next generation of Xbox One games We officially announced that we are developing aircraft.

Microsoft is planning Xbox One next-generation aircraft and game streaming service - GIGAZINE

As opposed to PlayStation, in April 2018, information on PlayStation 5 which will be the successor of PS 4 was leaked and called a big topic. Although it is almost an open secret that Sony is developing the next generation game hard, Sony still has not made any announcement concerning the development of successor of PS4.

Information on next generation game machine "PlayStation 5" leaks partly, is development kit already distributed to manufacturers - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, in an interview conducted by Financial Times against CEO Yoshida Sony, "As you can say at the moment, it means that we need to prepare next-generation hardware" The media reported simultaneously that "Sony acknowledged that it is developing next-generation game hard".

Regarding why Sony does not officially announce the development of next-generation hardware like Microsoft, "Considering that PS4 has been making a great success, it is not beneficial for Sony to talk about future game hardware," And Forbes point out. Since CEO Yoshida did not issue the name "PlayStation 5" in his remarks, some overseas media reported that there is a possibility that the next generation hardware will not be named PlayStation 5. In addition, according to information the Financial Times got from industry stakeholders, "Next-generation hardware will not deviate significantly from PS 4 and the basic architecture will be similar."

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Nintendo has succeeded in incorporating the advantages of both stationary and mobile games with Nintendo Switch and Microsoft is planning to offer Xbox games for any hardware in the game streaming service " Project xCloud " . Under such circumstances, what kind of direction Sony will find in next generation hardware seems to be a very important point in looking forward to the future of the game industry.

Takeshi Kodera, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in May 2018 "I will prepare the next steps in the next three years and make it leap to a higher level in the future," and based on this, Complex of overseas media speculates that Sony is planning to release the next generation PlayStation in 2021.

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