'Father of the Web' Tim Berners-Lee announces a new platform 'Solid'

Tim Bernards-Lee , devised the World Wide Web and also known as the "father of the Web", announced the open source platform " Solid ". Formerly Tim Berners-Lee was concerned about the centralized Web approach by Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. and was talking about a plan to redistribute the Web.

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Solid is an open source platform built by Tim Berners-Lee's latest project called Inrupt . "Solid changes the current model that users must hand over their personal information to the" digital giant "in return for perceived value ," Solid said, By controlling data completely (either personal or non-personal), we will restore balance and evolve the Web in innovative ways. "

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With Solid, all users can have "Personal Online Data Store (POD)". POD will have a contact book, a To-Do list, a calendar, a music library, and other individuals or specialized tools, "Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Spotify are possible at the same time in one browser" Thing. The unique point of POD is that data storage location and where "what kind of information is accessed" are completely left to the hands of the user, permission gives permission to families and colleagues to transfer their own data to someone else In addition to being able to view one data simultaneously with a different application, it becomes possible to share it. Inrupt calls such Solid's characteristics as "personal empowerment through data (authorization to individuals through data)".

Mr. Tim Bernards-Lee says that Inrupt's mission is to "provide ecosystems and commercial energy to protect integrations and equality in new webs created on Solid". Also, he says, "I do not talk about Facebook and Google about the fact that their business model will change completely overnight, we are not seeking their permission."

In recent years, many technology companies have reported that the handling of personal data is uncertain. It is obvious that Solid includes criticism against such companies. Mr. Tim Bernards-Lee has said for a long time the hatred of centralization and also in 1998 "The decision to make the Web an open system was necessary to make the Web universal. and to the universal, and that is it continues to control on their own, and can not do "at the same time I was speaking .

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