The Department of Justice launched an investigation in response to Tesla's Eilon Mask CEO 'Twin Investigation of Privatization' Tweet

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Terra Eleon Mask CEO of Tesla, an electric car maker, told the US Department of Justice that the US Justice Department began investigating in August 2018, tweeted that Twitter is "considering privatization of shares" tweeted and later withdrew. Was revealed.

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US Department of Justice, Tesla criminal investigation Mr. Mask 's privatization posted 2 pictures International news: AFPBB News 3190066

It was August 7, 2018 that Mr. Mask tweeted that Tesla is considering privatization of Tesla's shares. At the same time, I also tweeted that I raised funds to buy back shares, but a class action was brought up by investors from violating securities laws.

Tweeted that Eiron Mask is considering Tesla's privatization of the stock and faced a crisis of class actions - GIGAZINE

At Tesla on August 24, 2018 we withdrew the privatization plan.

Part of the e-mail addressed to employees by Tesla's mask CEO "retracted" privatization obvious - GIGAZINE

According to reports such as Bloomberg and AFP communication, Tesla told the Department of Justice that it is requesting submission of arbitrary documents, while admitting that it is cooperating, while telling that they have not received subpoena, testimony etc about. There is also a report called "Criminal Investigation", but it seems that Tesla did not say that the investigation by the Justice Department was criminal or civil.

The Justice Department has not announced any comments on this matter.

Incidentally, Mr. Mask is involved with Twitter, and a lawsuit has also been filed against Mr. Vernon Answorth of British diver. The trigger was a case in which boys and soccer teams were isolated in June 2018 due to water increase in Thai cave. At that time, Mr. Mask made a tweet saying that a mini submarine might be available for rescue.

However, Mr. Answorth, who was engaged in rescue activities, cut it off as being a selling act by Mr. Mask. Meanwhile, Mr. Maslare slander Mr. Answorth as "Pedo Guy (pedophile)" and so on. Once I deleted the tweet and apologized to Mr. Answorth, I was steaming the topic again.

Boy's rescue diver in Thai cave sued Tesla mask CEO for defamation - BBC News

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