I tried Osaka kingdom Osaka king 'The best elephant fried rice' and 'The best settled chili sauce set meal' with plenty of preeminence superb lobster

From Friday, September 7, 2018 by Osaka king, " Superb lobster fried rice " and " Superb yakitori chile sauce set meal " are offered. I tried to eat it quickly to see what kind of flavored fried rice and prawns were finished using luxury food lobster lobster lavishly.

Limited time menu "Superb lobster fried rice" "Superb yakitori chili sauce set meal" Start selling on Friday, September 7! | Spirit of dumpling specialty store Osaka king

Arrived at Osaka king.

I immediately ordered "Superb lobster fried rice" and "Superb yakitori chile sauce set meal".

In "Superb lobster fried rice" (990 yen including tax), lobster is hanging with shell and it has plenty of impact.

I do not have a body inside the shell of lobster ... ...

Fried rice itself is cooked with easy-to-eat cut lobster and you can enjoy the texture of pretested lobster with a flavored fried rice. As well as containing lobsters, as well as "Lobby miso" and special "Longevity Saga" are used for fried rice, I could still enjoy the flavor of thick rice cake. The strong taste of saltiness of the fried rice itself and the flavor of rich lobster match and it makes me want to eat steadily.

"Superbly settled food sauce set meal" (990 yen including tax) is a prawn set meal that used lobster for luxury.

Spicy chili sauce is put on lobster, and the shell of lobster is still on.

Rice and soup were set in the set meal.

When I lift the lobster with chilli sauce with chopsticks, I feel a heavy weight. When I ate it, the texture made by the lobster was pretty good with chili sauce. People who do not like such hot sauce can eat because the spicyness of chilli sauce itself is not so much and it is about spicy.

"Supreme roasted fried rice fried rice" and "Seijaku rice chestnut sauce set meal" using luxury ingredients generously are available from September 7, 2018 (Friday) to November 30, 2018 for a limited time only in Osaka It is provided by King Owarjo. "For sales stores, sorry to trouble you sit down, please contact us at a nearby store", so if you are interested, it is recommended to contact the store in advance.

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