I tried Osaka kingdom Osaka king full of shivering fin of Purupuru "elegant shark fin and Tianjin rice" "best shark fin hang sang apple fried rice"

From King Osaka from Tuesday, January 23, 2018, "Extreme shark fin and ramen noodles"The finest shark fin and Tianjin rice"Fresh shark's fin fillet sauce"Shark's fin menus 3 items appeared for a limited time only. Shark's fin menu made by Kesennuma and classic menu of Chinese collaborated,"Super fin boiling shark fin ramen" that appeared in 2017Following on, Tianjin meal and sauce fried rice appeared this year, and we ate right away.

Great luxury at Osaka king! "Supreme shark fin and Tianjin rice" 3 shining finest shark fin menu Start selling for a limited time from January 23 (Tue) | Tranquility of dumpling specialty store Osaka king

Arrived at Osaka king.

There were signs of three items of shark's fin menus in front of the shop. This time I ordered "Super Shark Fin Shinki Tianjin Rice" and "Superb Finish Shark Fin Sanka Fried Rice" separately.

Two items were offered in about 10 minutes.

"The finest shark fin hinshin rice" is like this when compared with the iPhone 6s.

Shark fin is on top of Tianjin rice. Shark's fin of Kesennuma is domestic top shark fin makerChina · Takahashi Co., Ltd.It is said that they are using processed ones.

Shark's fin is a quite big one, and it has 2 pieces of cloth, and it has a very spicy texture.

Tianjin Rice has compatible soup with sweetness of eggs and has a thin salty taste.

Next, comparing "Fresh shark's fin soup appetizer fried rice" with iPhone 6s, it looks like this.

Green onions and shiitake mushrooms are shining in the thick red bean paste.

Again, the shark's fin hung on fried rice is enough to eat and respond. You can enjoy a unique texture to your heart's content.

Fried rice with fried rice with fried rice is a salty seasoned anchovy, so you can eat as much as you want.

The "finest shark fin ramen" "superb shark fin Tianjin rice" "best shark fin rice cracker fried rice" is limited for the period from January 23 (Tue) 2018 to February 20 (Tue) 2018, the selling price is either It is 1080 yen including tax.

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