History's Strongest Monsters VS 6th Generation Jaeger's Fierce Actions Full of "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Latest Trailer Released

KAIJU (monster) released in 2013 VS sequel to the movie "Pacific Rim" that can enjoy the transcendental battle of the huge robot, "Pacific · Rim: Uprising"The latest trailer of the song was released.

Pacific Rim Uprising - Official Trailer 2 [HD] - YouTube

Movie starts from a detention center somewhere

The main character of the story is Jake acted by John Boyega who played the fins in "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force". The stage is the world 10 years after the previous work.

Jake was brought in ... ...

Yeager 's development laboratory. Here Jake is told that the dead father has been told that "I want Jake to become Jaeger's pilot" from the usual day.

Beyond Jake 's eyes ......

Jaeger built in Japan, stacker / pent cost which is a pilot of "Coyote · Tango" that appeared in the previous work. It is the stacker / pent cost of this coyote · tango and the pilot who succumbed in the monster raid incident in Tokyo which caused Mori Mori forest Miko played by Pacific · Rim in the past to lose family in the past .

However, the father's stacker / pent cost has already passed away, and Jake seems to be living a depressed life.

There is a bone of a monster for some reason by Jake 's living mansion.

The scene has changed, a girl Amara, a mechanic who assembles Jaeger by himself appeared. It is Kaine Spiny who plays. Tweet that "monsters are back" ...

I will board the cockpit of Jaeger.

The self-made Yeager deforms like a spherical ball and rolls away somewhere.

The scene changes again, Jake and Amara meet up ... ...

Discovering the 6th generation Jaeger under construction.

Meanwhile, monomers appeared in urban areas, as the words of Amara.

At the same time, prototype-like Jaeger suddenly attacks.

It looks like the feet are not like a robot, it is emitting blue as a monster. What is this Jaeger ....?

Furthermore, prototypes such as combining Jaeger and monster ... ...

It will awaken the bigger and more heinous monster.

In addition, factory Jager is mass production is also projected, this time the enemy is an air of that is unlikely atmosphere only monster.

Jake will board the "Gypsy Avenger" which will be an improved version of the gypsy danger whose main character Raleigh Beckett and Mori Mako appeared in the previous work.

The buddy is Lambert who is the son of Clint Eastwood who plays Scott East.

The opponent who is fighting is not a monster but Jaeger.

Riko Kikuchi Acting Mori Mako will be the commander who will lead the pilots of Jaeger this time.

Fighting the monster is "Gypsy · Avenger" which throws debris etc from out of the hand like something like a beam ... ...

The 6th generation Jaeger such as Amara's "Breiser Phoenix".

There are three other Jaegers, and a total of five Jaegers will greet the monsters.

Which girls are being destroyed by monsters ...

As you can see from Katakana reflected in the glass of the building ......

It is Tokyo in Japan.

Monsters that appear gayly.

Among them are "History's Strongest MonsterThere is also the figure of.

There are three other Jaegers who will be the friend of Jake here. "Saber Athena" fighting by combining and separating two blades

"Titan Ladymer" wearing a weapon like a giant iron ball

"Guardian · Bravo" fighting with a characteristic weapon like a whip

It seems that the gypsy avenger who Jake 's flying is a leader' s standing position.

The giant robot VS monster's transgression battle finally started

A gypsy · avenger who eats a strong blow of a monster

Titan · Redemer to avoid this in the place

The end of the incandescent battle ... ....?

"Pacific · Rim: Uprising"

At the end of the movie, a gypsy avenger descending from the atmosphere to the earth is projected for some reason.

In addition, "Pacific · Rim: Uprising" will be released in Japan in April 2018 in Japan.

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