What kind of movie is 'Kung-fu movie' at the same time?

An action movie mainly based on Chinese Kenpo is called a " kung fu movie " and boasts world-class popularity. However, even though "kung fu movie" is a bite, its style is diverse and strict definition is difficult. Mr. La = Frances · Hui , a curator of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), explains in concert with a movie about what "kung fu movie" is all about.

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Bruce Lee who still dies at the young age of 33 years old but still boasts worldwide popularity ......

There are many action stars active in "Kung Fu Movie" such as Jackie Chan, who is over 60 years old and still appears in action movies. However, it is difficult to define a Chinese action movie as a "kung fu movie" in a bite.

Chinese martial arts movies can roughly be divided into two. One is a genre called "martial art movie". "Martial arts" is a meaningful combination of "martial arts" and "chivalry".

Works well known for martial arts such as " Maiden First Part: Battle of Fort Trout / Part 2: Last Gymnastics " " Drunken Prayer ", all contain elements of period drama depicting ancient China, swords The centerpiece of action will be the big strolling using the.

The battle undertaken in the play is not realistic, it is full of fantasy elements and emphasizes "how beautiful and good-looking battle is done" rather than "whether it is real".

For that reason, high-kicks are often used extensively ......

I am jumping and jumping with superhuman ability. The jump is a human separated height, showing a way of flying that does not feel gravity.

In " Green Destiny " published in 2000, bamboo forest battle scenes that appeared in " Maiden First Part: Battle of Fort Trou / Part 2: Last Game " were tributated, and on the bamboo Fuwa Jump and jump and draw a scene to do the battle as it is.

Another genre of Chinese martial arts movie is "Kung-fu movie". "Kung Fu" is written as "Kung Fu", which means "training and technology" in Cantonese used in southern China.

Unlike martial arts movies, it features an action that incorporates real Chinese martial arts, not superhuman abilities appear, but fighting actions that can unfold with the physical body of the character become main.

In the first place, the genre "Kung-fu movie" grew rapidly in the background that "Burning Doragon" "Burning Doragon" starring Bruce Lee "Game of Death" got a huge worldwide. Action movies that have kept the real fighting using Chinese martial arts as the main axis remain innovative even in the West and even it is said that the genre "kung fu movie" was born to classify these movies.

But Bruce Lee used the Chinese martial arts in the movie. It is the original martial art that combines judo · karate · boxing · taekwondo based on " Wing Chun " to the last. For example, the step to show in death fight with Chuck Norris in 'The Way to the Dragon' is entirely of modern boxing.

Jackie Chen originally trained as an actor of the Peking Opera since childhood, and as a part of it he was acquiring Chinese martial arts. Taking advantage of the agility and flexibility gained by the training of the Peking actor, he appeared in many Chinese martial arts films in the 1970s.

Eventually, his action will be more comical and flashy using Chinese martial arts and a stuntman.

Under such circumstances, the demand for a movie about the actual Chinese martial art has also grown. Therefore, in the late 1970s Kung Fu movie, a lot of movies were modeled on real martial artists called " Hwang Fei Hung " who was a master of " Hong Fist ".

For example, as you can see from the fight in " Mad Kung Fu / Sarcophaga " published in 1979, as you can see, by lowering your waist and striking down with a low posture like a ground, the action of a martial arts film that looks good It is completely different.

In addition, the following movie released in 1976 "Once Upon A Time Hero Shaolin Ken" is a kung-fu movie depicting Hwang Fei Hung on the main character. Mr. Lau Kalyan who supervised this film had his disciples of Hwang Fei Hung as his father and himself was a user of Hong Fist.

Mr. Rau is active not only as a director but also as a martial art advisor and has received high praise as a leading actor of early kung fu movies.

Mr. Lau wanted to express the whole beauty of "Chinese martial art used as discipline of body and mind" in movies.

" Shaolin Temple 36 " where the best work was published in 1978 in the work supervised by Mr. Rau.

"Shaolin Triple 36" is not just a film fighting with Chinese martial arts but it spends most of its screening time training to master martial arts.

Ry · Charlie who plays the lead role trains in various work room to master Shaolin Ken's skills.

These training scenes create a sense of seeing documentaries.

In addition, Mr. Lau draws a teacher relations based on Confucianism in this movie. The teacher not only tells Kempo's skills but also fosters disciples' morality

In addition, in order to show the movement of the Chinese martial arts firmly, firm action is reflected with shots from medium to long distance. Also, I pull the camera behind and move, I try to make images that are easy for audiences to understand.

The genre "Kung Fu Movie" is one of the unique Chinese movie genres born in pursuit of real action. In modern times Bruce Ri and Jackie Chan are treated as representative stars. However, Mr. Hui highly regards Mr. Lau Karryan, who supported the "kung-fu movie", as a key player in kungfu movies, with the emphasis on viewability and spiritual themes while mainly making real Chinese martial arts .

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