'Researchers predict that capitalist society changes greatly due to changes in energy sources

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From the United Nations Sustainable Development of Finland, which was asked to study of the biophysics group of mono is, takes place the conversion of energy sources by a change in the "global environment, changes in capitalism of the past to exploit the earth's resources It will be a topic to announce the research report (PDF) "It will do."

(PDF) https://bios.fi/bios-governance_of_economic_transition.pdf

Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise - Motherboard

Changes in the global environment are predicted to have a major impact on people's lives and are said to cause disasters such as submergence and extreme weather in areas with low elevations. According to the research team, the global environment and energy issues have a serious impact on the world economic system itself as well as physical problems.

In the report, researchers said that "for the first time in human history, capitalism is shifting to an energy extraction method that is less energy efficient than before," and in order to keep the industry of mankind energy is transferred from an energy source We point out that the cost of taking out is increasing more than before.

Professor Charles Hall , who studies system environmental studies at State University of New York and Professor Kent Klitgaard, economics at Wells College , said, "Over the past century, people have pushed many petroleums from the ground to the ground," Stated that petroleum fuel was an excellent fuel with a very high energy investment efficiency (EROI).

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However, the EROI of petroleum fuels has gradually deteriorated, and the cost of pushing oil up to the ground is also increasing. Researchers predict that demand for petroleum fuels that will cause large-scale climate change will gradually decline as the overall energy production cost increases even with the same petroleum about.

Researchers said that non-conventional oil and nuclear energy, such as shale oil , synthetic oil and liquefied biomass fuel, and renewable energy such as wind and sunlight will become new sources of energy to replace oil in the future I am predicting. On the other hand, utilization of petroleum energy may become prohibited in due consideration of global warming and other influences on the global environment.

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The conversion to renewable energy may be useful for preserving the global environment. On the other hand, it is difficult to generate energy from renewable sources as cheaply as petroleum is difficult in the future, the cost of producing the same amount of energy will increase. Also, the waste produced in the process of extracting energy from an energy source increases as the energy source usage increases. In other words, conversion of energy source also means an increase in waste volume for the same amount of energy production.

The problem here is the environmental impact of the waste. To some extent it is possible to ignore the waste, but eventually the research team thinks that human beings can not ignore the negative impacts of waste on the environment and society, and the economy will also have a major impact. And in order to process the waste, it is necessary to use the resources of the planet, and eventually the earth's resources may be depleted.

Researchers said, "The traditional economic model completely ignored the energy and resource aspects of the economy, and the situation of energy and resources that the capitalist economy has been relied on so far will change dramatically, We will end the era when the energy available for humans is available cheaply, "he said, saying that the optimistic prediction that the economy will grow at a constant speed in the future is dangerous It is.

Paavo Järvensivu, who conducted research on biophysics and economics at Aalto University in Finland, who was involved in writing reports submitted to the United Nations, said, "Economic collapse soon as energy costs increase Of course, people will not be able to continue the same consumption activities as before, and energy will also be expensive, but it does not automatically mean unemployment or a miserable end way "I said.

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Researchers say that shifting to a more expensive energy source used by humans has shifted to an unpredictable phase where there is no answer in the conventional economic toolbox. If the economic growth continues, the national central bank will implement low interest rates or negative interest rate policies and buy public debt so that the economy will not collapse. However, it is unpredictable what will happen after the measures taken by the government and banks have reached their limits.

In response to the question "When will the time of low EROI arrive?", Scientists said, "People need to accept the harsh reality that society can not maintain traditional economic levels" I answered. In order to reduce the total amount of energy required by society as a whole, urban planning should be based on public transportation and walking, strengthening the localization of society and reviewing transportation and food supply system. Also, in both emerging and developed countries, we must increase the food self-sufficiency rate and reduce the cost required for food production and food transportation that requires energy.

Järvensivu said, "Capitalism in the low EROI era is no longer the capitalism we imagine, economic activity is done to reduce environmental costs rather than pursuit of profits, equal even as high a quality living as possible We will aggregate it to supply to the economy, "he told the people that they may need to change economic thinking.

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