A home arcade game machine 'Arcade 1 Up' with a height of 1.2 meters that can be purchased at the 30,000 yen level

"Arcade 1 Up " is an arcade game machine for home use that has 3/4 cabinet size of the arcade game machine deployed in the game center and has some arcade game titles. It is 4 feet high (about 1.2 meters) and it is reasonable, but it can be purchased for only 299 dollars (about 33,000 yen).

Arcade 1 Up: Classic Arcade Games For The Home

Arcade 1 Up cabinet pre-orders get a price drop at Walmart and GameStop - Polygon

"Arcade 1 Up" is an arcade game machine for home use that reduced the chassis of arcade game machines seen at game centers and so on to 3/4 size. The detailed size is 45.8 inches (about 116 cm) in height × 23 inches in depth (about 58 cm) × 19 inches in width (about 48 cm), weighing 63 pounds (about 28.6 kg).

The controller part is characterized by a round button and a joystick which seems to be an arcade game machine like this. The display uses a 17-inch liquid crystal screen.

Under the official license, the case has been given a nostalgic design somewhere.

Five models are prepared for "Arcade 1 Up", and each recorded game is different. The recorded titles are as follows.

1: Asteroids , Tempest , Major Havoc , Lunar Lander
2: Street Fighter II Championship Edition , Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers - , Street Fighter II 'TURBO (Dash Turbo) - Hyper FIGHTING -
3: Defender , Gauntlet , JOUST , RAMPAGE
4: Centipede , Crystal Castles , Missile Command , Millipede
5: Final fight , Makai village , Strider dragon , 1944: The Loop Master

The state of the actual machine can be seen in the following movie.

Arcade 1 Up E3 Reveal - YouTube

Arcade controller part differs according to chosen housing, from button only ... ...

There is even a controller with a joystick prepared for 2P.

Five enclosures in all.

It is natural, but it is also possible to actually play.

It's 3/4 size so it's a little short to stand and play, but if you change the height with a table etc, you can play it while standing.

Two people play is also possible in St II cabinet.

In addition, you need to assemble Arcade 1 Up on your own, and an explanatory movie of assembly is released from official. The only equipment needed to assemble parts is the driver, Arcade 1 Up is completed by assembling the four types of screws and two cords to supply power to the display and 12 types of parts.

Arcade 1 Up Assembly Instructions - YouTube

According to Polygon overseas game media, Arcade 1 Up was originally scheduled to be sold at 399 dollars (about 44,000 yen), but when the pre-orders at Walmart and GameStop begin, the price is $ 299 (about 30,000 3000 yen), it is said that we can introduce a slightly smaller arcade game machine at home with the same price as Nintendo Switch.

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