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Many people try to start game development, thinking "I would like to make my own game." But, I do not know what to start from, so I could not take a step quickly, or someone who was frustrated because I tried it for the first time but it was not so difficult. Extra Credits uploading a lot of movie development movies on YouTube explains about "what game development should start from" for those who are going to make games for the first time.

Making Your First Game: Basics - How To Start Your Game Development - Extra Credits - YouTube

There are many people who think that "I want to make games" in the world. These people tend to jump into the world of game development by choosing a game engine without knowing well.

Of course, this will not work quite well, some people will throw them out on the way. This is too bad, so Extra Credits summarizes advice to avoid 'problems that people tackle making games for the first time tend to fall'.

The first piece of advice is to " set appropriate goals ". For example, suppose that the aiming game is " God of War " or " Final Fantasy X ".

However, these games are made for several years, with dozens of professionals or even more gatherings.

So, if you are a human who has no experience developing games, even if you devote all your life it is impossible to make similar games.

Even if completed, it is obvious that the game is "something not a God of War".

The first thing to do is to make a game that you can make with "Naha" and play it properly. In other words, first of all it is important to experience "game making."

So, the content to make is OK with simple things like "jump over the step and aim for the destination".

At this point, it seems that you do not have to worry about some bugs.

The fact that it is important to "build up the game" is the fact. Since there are many people who are frustrated without completing the first one, we can proceed to the step above that as we made one.

You should have your friends play the completed game. Friends are accustomed to games made by investing a huge budget, so impressions may be critical, but do not mind also do this again. The most important thing is to know "how much work did you need to make a game?"

As long as you continue game development, of course, friends will be told "Next game, are you still?"

The second advice is " Do not try to realize" special idea "in the game to be created first . It is because other developments will not progress at all when adhering to "special idea", learning a variety of tutorials in game production, and should proceed work in order starting with what you can also do.

What you do not understand will be solved by watching the tutorial movie or checking it yourself, but sometimes it is important to use the forum. Even if it is a question like an amateur, most people tell us kindly.

Although some people may feel insecure about programming in game production, Extra Credits follows "worrying useless". If the game design is solid, the amount of programs to be created is not so much, it seems to be an amount that can be done even by people who are not programming inexperienced.

The third advice is "Game design matches your skills". Even if you are not good at programming, if you are good at drawing, you should learn programming at least necessary, then if you value importance on the picture, there is no problem.

If you are not good at drawing, you can make a game that can be realized with minimal graphics like Minecraft OK.

Those who constrain themselves after admitting that they can not do things can lead to the creation of a game full of creativity.

If there is no confidence in the picture in programming, there is a hand to download material for games in the asset store.

The last advice from Extra Credits is " Do not give up ." Game development in parallel with work and studies will be a hard work.

But "everything worthwhile is all terrible." When overcoming those days, Extra Credits concludes that one day game development will become a job and may be able to live a life that can devote himself to making games without being bound by others.

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