Cool & cute & sexy original works in plenty enough to stop looking unexpectedly Summary

The works exhibited at the Wonder Festival are more attractive than those expressing popular works more wonderfully but it is also attractive that the original characters and monsters that are hard to meet are lined up. Many attractive original works were displayed at One Festival 2018 [summer] , but I tried picking up what I was particularly interested in.

It was supposed to have been wandering in search of cute stuff, but Sculborns ' original creature was inadvertently deprived of his eyes. The head of the dragon which is so rich that it seems that heat is transmitted just by looking away is a work called "Fire Buddhist Tsuchi God - Kagutschi".

I feel that strength from the magazine who was maga maga.

Statue of 23 cm Wind God

The variant figure clad in the wind is divine and horrible.

Statue of thunder god paired with wind god

I will take my eyes away from my majesty of standing.

A design like a drum that sounds thunder is also fine and beautiful anyhow.

The appearance that the wind god and the thunder god line up is a word of a masterpiece.

And, it is the original creature "AGONY" that was keeping the line of sight of the venue nailed. The arthropod like arachnids and the shell-covered body are just horrible.

I feel unexpectedly cold from my mouth that spreads giggly.

Places where gobs like creatures like nests were built up to arouse physiological aversion.

This is the original creature "ORCO". It is a devilish variant with feathers like bats.

Although it is moving quickly, it seems that we will start delivering a sharp attack, and here is also a scary full of fears anyway.

Original characters had lots of pretty things. At the booth of Whoopie pie, a pretty figure with animals and girls set was displayed. Rabbit It seems that the girl who hears the ear and is with the rabbit is "Ryuchan".

The expression that blushed my cheeks as if it is blown up is very pretty.

The girl whose petiole rose a little above her head is "Melo of Medi".

Cute sleeves that cropped down anyway.

A girl with a cool impression is "Box of a fox."

The pin and the sharp fox ears will convey a charming appeal as well.

The theme is a work of a hot springs heaven that creates a mysterious charm, "Sailor swimsuit detective suda chan". The word "Sailor swimsuit detective" is too strong.

Shuru wearing a sailor suit on the school swimsuit wears a red collar. It may be a testimony of a detective.

Old work of hot spring heaven-san, "Suku Water Detective Suzuru-chan" ... ...

"Swimsuit Swimsuit Detective Suzuru chan" was also there.

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