Does anyone sleep in 'secret talent'?

There is a person who suddenly wakes up to a genius-like talent in a field which had not had any interest at all until then. In this way, Scientific American of the scientific journal wrote about what sort of 'genius' thing is sleeping in everyone, and that one day they suddenly awaken.

Brain Gain: A Person Can Instantly Blossom into a Savant - and No One Knows Why - Scientific American Blog Network

There are people with the symptoms " Savan Syndrome " that exhibit extremely high abilities in specific fields such as arts and mathematics, with intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders. Most people with Savan's syndrome are congenitally suffering from these symptoms, but in the field that had not shown any talent until then until then, due to the brain's injury due to some kind of accident, etc. Some people have developed " acquired Savan Syndrome " that exerts a genius that is exceptional, and it is said that the number is only 25 people on the earth.

On the other hand, the case of "sudden Savan syndrome" which suddenly exerts genius ability in the field of no interest without a sudden injury or damage to the central nervous system has been confirmed. Scientific American says sudden Savan's syndrome is better suited for being named "Sudden Genius" as there are no cases such as congenital or acquired developmental disorders.

In the case of Mr. KA, a 28-year old Israeli man, he memorized a popular simple songs by heart and played it on the piano, but suddenly he suddenly became able to play like a skilled pianist. He seems to have suddenly understood what all the sounds and semitones are, what their chords are, and where they can put out their fingers. Mr. Ka has no history of developmental disorders even though he was in an accident, but rather has a high IQ.

Also, a 43-year-old woman, Mr. MF, suddenly felt "I have to draw many triangles" one night in December 2016, and said that he continued to draw triangles for three days from his obsession. She is not particularly interested in the field of art but has not had any special training, but she continues to draw triangles for another 2 weeks and names the work "the Mayan" as completed . Even then, we will continue to produce artistic works, but most of her works use styles that have not even been conscious of before sudden art awakening.

It is not unusual to get new skills and hobbies since the latter part of life. However, "Sudden Genius" is different from such a case, Scientific American explained that it features the following five points.

· Newly acquired skills suddenly appeared in fields that had no interest or talent until now · Not dependent on sudden events or obstacles to the central nervous · skills are detailed about music, art, mathematics field It is connected with knowledge of the inspiration type and learns it without learning · Skill contains accompanimental neurosis components and strongly intends to drive in it · Mindless of talent and obsessive-compulsive neurosis And fear, they tend to hide the acquired ability from others

Scientific American has confirmed 14 cases of "Sudden Genius" like this. 10 of them are female, 4 are male, and the age of onset to new skills is 42.7 years old on average, and it seems that the skills woken up are nine arts and paintings, four mathematics fields, and one music.

Daniel Tammet , famous for suffering Savan's syndrome, said in his own documentary that "The boundaries of deep talent and serious obstacles are surprisingly thin, no one has the ability hidden inside of you I do not know that it might be, "he said.

Obtained Savan and sudden Savan strengthen the idea that not only the boundary line between genius and obstacle is thin, but also the ability to sleep within anyone. Scientific American is working on an obstacle to waking up these special abilities without causing trauma to the head or accident to the central nerve.

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