A movie 'Outside' which tried to move and move super real CG objects in the real world

The progress of CG technology in recent years has been remarkable, and technologies have developed to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish whether it is genuine or not even in games. Mr. Boba Tomin , acting as a freelance motion designer , puts CG objects in the real world and makes a movie of it as a movie on the YouTube site. By watching this movie, you can see how far the quality of state-of-the-art CG technology is rising.

Outside - YouTube

In the scene where the rainbow spring is on the stairs, Mr. Tormin opened the menu in the real world and selected "Bend (bend)" with the mouse pointer.

Then, it becomes possible to specify the range of the bending object ... ...

Reduce the range and designate "Rainbow Spring".

Clicking on the specified range and dragging to the stage below the staircase in that state ......

Rainbow spring started and extended toward the lower stage. In this scene it seems that Rainbow Spring was an object made with CG.

Next, the place with the stairs was displayed in the center. At this point you can not distinguish which is CG.

Then the mouse pointer at the bottom left clicks the root part of the telephone pole.

When dragging the utility pole, if you tilt to the left or right, the wires will stretch or bend according to the tilt of the utility pole.

If you really see such a sight, you will be surprised, but buses and people passing in front pass through without being concerned. It can be seen that the utility pole and the electric wire are not actual things but are arranged by CG.

Next is a park bench. There is a garbage bin on both sides, and a suspicious mouse pointer is on the right side.

When the mouse pointer hits the right trash bin unexpectedly, the trash bin flickers away from the mouse pointer ......

The garbage in the trash box was scattered on the ground.

Next is the river scene. A tent that is apparently in an unnatural position attracts an eye.

When the mouse pointer clicks the tent and retracts the corner part of the range designation to the center ...

The tent has changed into a sphere.

Immediately after this, in a place that is considered to be the observatory ... ...

The sphere falls. It is a texture that seems quite soft.

Besides, lifting the chain in the park ......

We also moved the Ferris wheel and performed it without discomfort.

Also, we are doing some unlikely movements in reality, and the tiles spread on the observation platform move rippling ... ...

I also moved the block on the bank of the river in the same way.

Of course, these mysterious movements were processed by Mr. Tormin later in CG. As this pedestrian (red) on the screen does not see anything wrong with this abnormal situation, it keeps walking roundly.

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