Bicycle exclusive lane receiving terrible treatment

Running on the sidewalk, you can see it with obstructing eyes on the pedestrian, and as you run through the carriageway, the heavy truck runs just beside and you do not really know which way you can run in the first place. Sometimes there are places where sidewalks and bicycle paths are divided, but there are places that are properly maintained, but there seem to be places that are very complicated.

Details are as below.
A street tree standing in a bicycle lane.

The path ceased when it turned.

A telephone box stands stately.

In the first place the bicycle mark is wrong.

It is narrow enough to fall into the river.

An obstacle in the direction of the arrow.

It looks like it is properly separated for pedestrians and bicycles, but there is a sign saying "People riding a bicycle get off."

There is a sign in the middle.

Car stop. This is common.

Only those on the sidewalk are gentle curbstones.

A bicycle parking lot not to be used.

Other photos are from the following.
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