The government is charged with lack of laser weapons to protect the country

People in southern Israel are eager for laser weapons to prevent rockets from Palestine, they said they are appealing government that did not deploy.

It is not a peaceful country like Japan, but because it is really at risk of life, expectations for weapons that can reliably defend are quite high.

Details are as below.Israelis Sue Government for Laser Cannons Danger Room from

Israel was developing a high power laser weapon "Nautilus" in collaboration with the United States from 1996 to 2005. The laser weapons test shot down the launched rocket wonderfully and the veteran laser scientist was able to say that "the day to be completed is close".

Laser weapon test movie.
YouTube - MTHEL - Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

However, laser weapons require enormous amounts of energy and many harmful chemicals are generated. After shooting a few lasers, a new reactant has to be put in. As it is large and expensive, eventually Israel got out of joint development and the US also began to focus on the development of electric lasers.

The Israeli army stated that laser weapons are currently SF, not ready for placement in the real world yet. However, citizensHamasThere was also a case that it was damaged by the rocket, and he said that he appealed the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister to the court because they did not deploy laser weapons for defense.

There is a legal counselor deeming that this suit is appropriate, and the administrator of the consultation office seems to have some doubt about the ability of laser weapons, but it can be constructed with the previous one-third price, infinite defense It seems to claim that you can get.

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