'Sailor Moon' has a phantom 'American sailor moon' in which animation and live-action appear mixedly

Naoko Takeuchi 's manga " Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon " is a popular piece made into a TV animation several times, it has become a work popular in many countries of the world by jumping out of Japan. Sailor moon which is known in the world now is an animated piece produced in Japan as it is aired on television, but in reality it was produced at the timing before the full launch of sailor moon in the United States "a phantasmale sailor moon Picture "exists.

We Tried To Uncover The Long-Lost 'American Sailor Moon' And Found Something Incredible

Even among American sailor moon fans the following movies are recognized as "phantom videos". It seems to be rather complicated but it seems to be derived from the fact that this video was created as a "demo version" for this broadcast. For Americans the destructive power of this image seems to be considerable, so you can see how the audience watching around the monitor is laughing out loud.

Sailor Moon USA Openning - YouTube

A company named "Toon Makers" produced video.

At the beginning, from the name "Sailor Moon", various planets are projected ... ...

The next thing I saw was a hair style teenager who feels the times.

And a light pop song was projected on BGM, a sailor moon that Tanizono Usagi thought character.

The girls seem to be drawn as a typical girls high school in America.

Artemis with different atmospheres appeared

And live action white cat appeared as Artemis.

Arranged Sailor Warrior. But its world view is quite different from Japanese sailor moons, and there is atmosphere like American action anime.

In addition to the appearance that everyone is working together ......

People who got on the wheelchair also appeared. It seems that this reflects the idea of ​​"political connectness (polycolle)" that is required to reflect the diversity of American society.

Finally the logo is displayed and the picture ends. While being played, the person I was looking at was laughing all the time.

In the following movie published by Kotaku of the net media, in addition to the above-mentioned video, a part of another "phantom picture" is contained. The live-action version titled "Team Angel" has been produced in 1998 after the launch of Sailor Moon in the United States.

The Lost American Sailor Moon - Team Angel - YouTube

In the American version of Sailor Moon by Toon Maker, Tsukino Usagi has made such a transformation ... ...

Haya Rei is a cool sailor fighter with admirable eyes.

Minako Aino is a completely different personality, and his hair color is quite different.

When Mizuno becomes Ami, this is completely an atmosphere of a white American woman

Makoto Kino seems to have been set up by an African American.

Although Artemis leaves the original atmosphere, somewhere American is still "not a feeling of Japan" drifts.

And surprise, this version is that the animation and the live action change. Although it is a hero who is usually a typical girls high school student in the United States ... ...

If you turn into Suryuri ... ...

It transforms into an American sailor moon.

In the movie, Mr. Frank Ward who appeared in the production of another vision image "Team Angel" appeared. He used to serve as President of "Bandai America" ​​and he seems to have the right to produce Sailor Moon in the United States.

Mr. Ward who was interviewed by Kotaku found that there is a videotape 20 years ago in his garage. The label of the case includes the company name "Renaissance Atlantic" which proceeded with the creation of the video together with Toon Maker, the title "Team Angel" and the "full length (no cut) promotion video", the time It is "2 minutes 40 seconds", and the date "February 19, 1998" is written as the creation date.

This image is a pattern that has been produced with higher quality than the above image, and it is all live-action version. An actress who plays a character first appears in the image drifted somewhere in a cheap ... ....

Item that smells to be Sailor Moon appeared.

Sailor moon put on blatant background with outright synthetic video.

Team Angel's sailor fighters are organized in four. Proceeding again with this original posing decision ... ...

We will do various kinds of help.

Rescuing the person who was distressed in the mountains ......

Rescue the inhabitants from the fire.

If there is bank robbery ......

Express to the site and emit a beam from the hand.

And secured robberly brilliant. It seems that she says "Punish on behalf of the moon".

When a tornado approaches a private house ... ...

Emits beam towards the sky

Then the tornado disappeared and the residents were saved their lives.

There was a star on the scene showing the trace of Team Angel.

The time when this sailor moon was made links with the era when " Power Rangers " based on the Japanese squadron thing became popular in the United States. At that time in the United States there were "heroes for boys", but because there was no "hero for girls", it was said that this image was supposed to have been aimed there.

Kotaku reporter initially thought that Mr. Ward created the live-action + animated hybrid version of Sailor Moon, but when I checked the tape that Mr. Ward actually owned, Mr. Ward was involved I came to the conclusion that it was "Team Angel" that I was doing. After that, I searched the officials one after another, but it seems that it was not finally able to find out the source of the hybrid version of Sailor Moon.

However, it is said that the cell picture of the hybrid version of Sailor Moon is ready to be obtained at the net auction. On eBay, it seems that it is trading at a price of 100 dollars (about 10,000 yen) depending on the type of content and 500 dollars (about 60,000 yen) if it is high.

Toonmakers Sailormoon ~ The Saban Moon Never Seen !!

Mr. Ward started working on Team Angel after receiving the fact that the first sailor moon which started airing in the United States in 1995 failed. At that time still somewhere there was recognition that "animation = cheesy" existed as reason for failure, but Mr. Ward decided to sell Sailor Moon as a "girls version Power Ranger" by changing to a live-action version He said that he was holding up. However, after that, in 1998, major cartoon network purchased animation broadcasting rights and broadcasted it, it became a big hit and the sailor moon of the live-action version (and the hybrid version) seems to have entered the store.

Mr. Ward said that he was completely away from the world of animation afterwards and he did not know that Sailor Moon's fan community exists in the United States. Mr. Ward who answered Kotaku's reporter "I knew that the market existed, but it was painful to know that the animation version was a huge success," Mr. Ward answered "It is very painful" It is said that.

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