OpenAI's artificial intelligence 'OpenAI Five' who won the human team with Dota 2 announces that it will play against the prominent player team this time

OpenAI , established as a nonprofit research institute on AI, has developed five AIs called " OpenAI Five " and is learning the play of the strategy game "Dota 2". In June 2018, OpenAI Five tried a 5: 5 team game against Dota 2 's skilled player team and won the confidence, OpenAI who was confident about this victory was five people composed of prominent players of Dota 2 We announced to play against the team.

OpenAI Five Benchmark

As part of AI research, OpenAI is making efforts to let AI learn and play games. In Dota 2, it is also known to have won a one-on-one battle with world champion.

Artificial intelligence of OpenAI development wins human world champion with 1: 1 battle of game Dota 2 - GIGAZINE

OpenAI Five uses 256 GPUs and 128,000 CPU cores to play Dota 2 every day to refine playing skills. The time that OpenAI Five plays Dota 2 on a day is equivalent to 180 years' worth of time, and we keep learning an impossible amount every day for human beings. The OpenAI person in charge seems to recognize the battle against the human team as a place to measure the competence of OpenAI Five as "battle is nothing but an OpenAI Five benchmark test", but from the top somewhere, "it can not be defeated" I am talking with my eyes.

The person in charge seems to be undoubted not to believe in OpenAI Five's victory, but the human team who fights also has all members that are so. This time, the human team who fights OpenAI Five is a former professional player of Dota 2 and five players with professional level ability such as Mr. Blitz who is popular in the same game distribution. For this reason, it is expected that it will be an interesting game, as the capability of the more experienced player team who won OpenAI Five in June 2018.

The match between OpenAI Five and the human team will be held in San Francisco on August 5, 2018, and the situation will be distributed on Twitch .

OpenAI has released a movie on which YouTube has won OpenAI Five's five skilled player teams, and you can check this with the following movie.

OpenAI Five: Dota Gameplay - YouTube

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