Artificial intelligence and poker confrontation with four pros a complete victory of artificial intelligence

It has been done since the beginning of 2017Humanity versus AI poker peak battle "Brains VS. AI", The artificial intelligence (AI) software "Libratus" developed by Carnegie Mellon University triumph over the four pros.

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It was 2015 that AI and professional fought at poker first. Four professional matches against AI "Claudico" developed by Professor Zuomas Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University and student Norm Brown got together and all the pros won more chips than Claudico and won.

After two years, it was the new AI "Libratus" that fought with four pros. The battle took 20 days from January 11, 2017,Texas Holdem120,000 races were held in style.

The participating pros also participated in the previous roundJason LesMr,Kim DongI joined him newlyDaniel · MacaulayMr,Jimmy ChowMr. Every day, after play, the pros shared notes that they noted, exploring the weaknesses of Libratus respectively.

Meanwhile, on the AI ​​side, the bridge computer of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center analyzed the contents of the game that day and made AI's strategy improvements.

As Pittsburgh - Supercomputing Center increased the number of nodes each day, Libratus predominated in the battle, and Libratus won the loser just before the final day.

We scored further on the last day and Libratus rejected the pro.

Since all professionals became minus, there is no way to see the results of each person's achievements, but for the time being, the comprehensive and individual results are like this. Mr. Kim is defeated by 85,549 dollars (about 972 million yen), Mr. Macaulay loses 277,657 dollars (about 31.53 million yen), Mr. Chou loses by 522 2857 dollars (about 5937 million yen), Mr. Les It is a loss of 8887 dollars (about 9994 thousand yen). Libratus won the first prize of 1,76,26250 dollars (about 200 million yen).

However, it was not done unilaterally, for example, on the 13th day, there was also a development that the human side regained $ 93,000 (about 1056 million yen).

In addition, Professor Sandholm said that even if it says "AI won the pro at poker", he is a professional specializing in Texas Hold'em and is "not the world's strongest poker player" to the last.

International Poker Federation Joe Bernard COO highly appreciates that AI is not to destroy poker game, but to be able to evaluate poker player's ability accurately and can also be used for training.

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