OpenAI's artificial intelligence 'OpenAI Five' won the human team with 5 to 5 battle of Dota 2

A nonprofit research institution " OpenAI " that works to open-source artificial intelligence (AI) is aimed at making safe progress so that AI technology can benefit everyone in the future Earon Mask It is an organization established by Mr. et al. AI that such OpenAI advances research is beginning to acquire skill to be able to win even skilled Dota 2 players under specific conditions.

OpenAI Five

OpenAI's 'Dota 2' neural nets are defeating human opponents | TechCrunch

In OpenAI, as part of the research, AI is made to learn the game as part of the research, etc. In August 2017, in the much more complicated video game Dota 2 than chess and Go, one to one battle for world champion It won the victory and became a hot topic.

Artificial intelligence of OpenAI development wins human world champion with 1: 1 battle of game Dota 2 - GIGAZINE

When AI from OpenAI won the world champions with a one-on-one battle of Dota 2, the development team sets forth "to add AI to the human team with a team of 5 to 5 team" as a future objective, The five neural networks called "OpenAI Five" are being developed for that purpose. OpenAI Five was designed to be able to play 5 to 5 team battles with Dota 2 and this OpenAI Five is evolving to a level that can defeat the human team under certain conditions .

Unlike turn-based games such as chess and go, Dota 2 is a game that needs to make many decisions in real time. AlphaGo of Go AI, which was developed by Google and became a hot topic for beating the world's strongest players, required a lot of time to deal with well-knit hands, but in the Dota 2 played by OpenAI Five Because I can not give such a grace, I think that you can understand well how to become a neural network which can make advanced judgment.

The following movie shows how OpenAI Five, which is running on the 124 thousand core of Google Cloud, actually carries a 5 to 5 battle with the human team and Dota 2. OpenAI Five learns seven factors such as team warfare, value prediction, forest exploration, surprise attack, concentration, tracking, and positive movement in a neural network in order to fight teams using five bots It is possible to see how OpenAI Five is manipulating characters according to each item.

OpenAI Five: Dota Gameplay - YouTube

According to OpenAI, the play of Dota 2 often advances an average of 45 minutes battle at 30 fps, and as a result, about 80 thousand frames of information are obtained in one battle, and by analyzing one-quarter of them It seems that we have been promoting learning of OpenAI Five. OpenAI Five has learned a huge amount of data by playing Dota 2 every day for 180 days, but it still can not be said that it fully adapted to the game, so it can not respond to specific character items, strategies yet is. Therefore, when playing against a human team, you can not win without a condition that "Do not use unmatched characters, items, strategies".

Despite these restrictions, the development team is endeavoring to make OpenAI Five participate in e sports world convention to be held in August 2018, and we are developing it for that. In addition, OpenAI is planning to hold a tournament to make the top team of OpenAI Five and Dota 2 compete on Twitch in July 2018, and presentation about OpenAI Five seems to be done in this.

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