I drank 'Snow Brand Coffee Chocolate Mint' which added chocolate mint to that 'Snow Brand Coffee'

" Snow Brand Coffee " celebrating its 55th birthday in 2018 is a drink that is popularly widely used as a standard staple in Japan. New flavor " Snow Brand Coffee Chocolate Mint " plus chocolate mint in such Snow Brand coffee has appeared for a limited time from Tuesday, July 17, 2018. I tried snow coffee coffee that is perfect for summer with refreshing sweetness using chocolate sauce and mint sauce

Perfect for the summer! Sweetness of chocolate and freshness of mint "Snow Brand Coffee Chocolate Mint" (500 ml) Limited time from Tuesday, July 17, 2018
(PDF file) http://www.meg-snow.com/news/2018/pdf/20180705-1463.pdf

This is "Snow Brand Coffee Chocolate Mint" (139 yen tax). The package has become a vivid design based on blue.

Contents amount is 500 ml, the type of drink is the same "Natural drink coffee" as Snow Brand coffee. As raw materials, "chocolate sauce" is newly added, in addition to "sugar", "dairy products" and "coffee" which are common to normal people.

The notes include "There are cases where chocolate sauce ingredients may settle out" "Shake well and drink". Energy is 86 kcal per 200 ml, so if it is per pack 500 ml it will be calculated as 215 kcal.

Shake well and try to transfer the contents to a glass.

Until I pour it into the glass I imagined it might be like a color like mint ... but in fact it looks like Normal Snow Covered Coffee.

In order to compare the appearance and taste, we prepared a normal "Snow Brand Coffee" (110 yen for tax).

When you look side by side, you can not distinguish between normal "Snow covered coffee" (left) and "Snow coffee chocolate mint" (right) with a melon.

I actually compared drinking. Normal Snow Brand Coffee is the taste of "Snow Brand Coffee" which bites a little bit of coffee's bitterness with its gentle sweetness, the smell of coffee goes through the nose after the scent of milk, feels the sweet and discreet coffee flavor Yes.

On the other hand, "Snow Coffee Coffee Chocolate Mint" has a mint scent slightly passing through the nose after the chocolate sauce and the gentle sweetness of milk are felt. Because the presence of chocolate is somewhat intense and the feeling of Suspers peculiar to the mint system is weak, you can drink with goobububi. On the other hand, because the presence of coffee is becoming thinner due to the flavor of chocolate and mint, as a coffee-based beverage it also feels somewhat unsatisfactory. However, I felt it was finished in an exquisite summer drink that makes the aftertaste clear with the sweetness of chocolate and milk, and the refreshing feeling of mint.

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