Akita Shoten's new web manga site 'Manga Cross' that can read the champion's fellowship for free

Web manga site "Champion Cross" sent by the manga magazine "Champion" fused with "Champion tap!", Renewed on July 10, 2018 as a new " Manga Cross ". It is a web comic magazine only for browsers, not apps, but I tried to read manga as soon as I got more power up from my comic site.

Manga cross | Read new comic books of Akita bookstore for free!

The top page of Manga Cross looks like this.

As you scroll down the page, "Week of the week" introduced recently UPed works ... ...

There was a feature according to seasons such as "Monthly Ranking" one month ago, "Sweaty in Manga in Hot Summer!"

Since there is a list of works posted at the bottom of the page, click "View List".

You can move to the work page by clicking the thumbnail of the work.

Viewer was embedded directly in the work page.

As you scroll through the work page, the list of the number of stories of the work is displayed, so clicking on "Karte.2" which is the number of other stories ... ...

The thing displayed in the viewer changed into an episode clicked.

Viewer of manga cross is like this. Click the arrow icon or the area on the left side of the page to move to the next page.

Click UI at the top or bottom of the viewer to display the UI. By the standard, the viewer is small and it is difficult to read, so click on the zoom icon.

You can view it in full screen.

When I go to see a manga cloth with a smartphone, it looks like this.

In the same way, "This week's stitching" is displayed, so tap the work thumbnail.

Cautionary statements are sometimes displayed like images as works including violent scenes, grotesque expressions, and sexual expressions. Tap "Read a work".

As for PC, viewer is too small by default, so tap the zoom icon.

Then you can read it on the full screen of the smartphone. It was a two-page display on the PC-oriented page, but one page at a time on the smartphone-oriented page was displayed. As a feeling of use of the viewer, you can use a slurra to tap the left side of the page and read it, but when you try to swipe and advance the page, the reaction was somewhat bad, so you can tap and read it It is recommended.

If you turn your smartphone sideways, you can also read it with a double-page spread.

Many manga apps tap around the center of the viewer to display the UI, but in manga cross it is difficult to display the UI until you get used to it because you touch it at the top or bottom of the page. Tap the Share icon next to the zoom icon to share your favorite frames with SNS.

If you want to proceed to the next episode after reading the manga, you need to shrink the enlarged viewer once. There is a link of the number of stories before and after just below the embedded viewer, so you can read it crisply from there. However, note that manga posted in manga cloth has several talks that can not be read because it is open to the public.

Manga Cross is planning limited content etc. that can be enjoyed by registering as a member. Since the membership function was not yet implemented at the time of article creation, tap "Accepting pre-registration".

When you check "I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy", tap "Advance registration on Twitter".

After entering Twitter ID and password, preregistration is completed by selecting "Linkage application authentication". You can not use limited or limited content yet at the pre-registration stage, but you can use it as a SNS link when you want to share one favorite frame.

Manga Cross posted only a few works from "Weekly Shonen Champion" among a number of champion magazines at the time of article creation, so it is not very friendly to those who say "I have not read the championship but want to know newer! There are also sides, but champion cross and Champion tap! In addition to continuing to be published in the works of the publication, it is also expected that membership contents will be enriched in the future, so it is recommended to check early.

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