Headline news on July 3, 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release " Call of Duty Black Ops 4 " on Friday, October 12, 2018.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Players Information | Playstation

"Call of Duty Black Ops 4" Specialist Trailer "Can not Stop, Together" - YouTube

"Call of Duty Black Ops 4" multiplayer mode public trailer - YouTube

"Call of duty black ops 4" zombie mode "Blood of the Dead" notice - YouTube

Call of duty Black Ops 4 is accepting reservations at PlayStation dealers nationwide, PlayStationStore, Package (BD) version is tax excl. 7900 yen, download normal version is 8532 yen including tax, Download version "Digital Deluxe" includes tax 12,200 yen, the downloaded version "Digital Deluxe Kai" is 19,600 yen including tax.

"Call of duty black ops 4" popular reservation reception in progress! | Official PlayStation ™ Store Japan

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Using Kinki University's "Artificial intelligence and content that introduces books that match potential needs from SNS" started like this - GIGAZINE

Voting accepting the name of "new blue" born for the first time in 200 years - GIGAZINE

New measurement useful for "redefinition of kilogram" announced by National Institute of Standards and Technology - GIGAZINE

I tried to carry a backpack "GOBAG" for travel that can store compressed packages - GIGAZINE

"Squawka" seen in real time while watching soccer game with all statistical data - GIGAZINE

"Validation bias" to learn with puzzles to test your problem solving skills - GIGAZINE

What kind of reaction will people react when suddenly fighting in a closed room in St 2 's Ryu or Chunri? - GIGAZINE

What is the way to select colors with red, yellow, blue "RYB" color model rather than RGB? - GIGAZINE

Cockroaches were living in a democratic world where each other communicates and acts - GIGAZINE

"Animagraffs" which the principle of moon walk and jet engine and others can be seen visually with GIF animation by eye - GIGAZINE

Counter "Fliike" physically showing you "Like" in the real world - GIGAZINE

Unlike ordinary ice, there is little contamination of bubbles and impurities, making clean spherical ice "WINTERS MITHS" - GIGAZINE

Interview with the man, "Mr. Haruin whale" interview with a maker, material shop, animator and a number of faces - GIGAZINE

"Snapdragon S4" official butter benchmark movie to measure butter on butter melting speed on each company's smartphone - GIGAZINE

When USJ goes to a brain science survey and theme park, will "love" deepen? - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
"Neckless body" found in Pompeii True cause of death | National Geographic Japan version site

Radioactive substance, diffusion prediction with AI in tens of seconds The University Team Development: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
CNN.co.jp: "There is no intent to completely denuclearize to Kim Chairman," the US Defense Intelligence Bureau's view - (1/2)

"No Russian Crimean consolidation will be approved" US presidential spokesperson stated 1 picture International news: AFPBB News

Crude oil futures rise, Libya declares force majeure for some shipment | Reuters

Platinum spot cheap for the first time in 9 and half years, with the dollar high and European and US trade friction | Reuters

【Heisei 30 years reorganization and interview】 former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, change of administration 25 years ago "I was concerned with Mr. Ozawa" (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Police arrested 525 people without paying money for penalty of traffic violation without paying attention for a long time Metropolitan Police Department - Sankei news

"A comfort woman was necessary" Mr. Hashigashi of the disgust, secretly visiting Korea for the inspection of the casino | Joongang Ilbo |

Hakuhodo affiliated company re-arrested former employee suspected to sell broadcasting tape etc - FNN.jp prime online

Drought claims "Israel steals clouds" Iran military organization executives claim 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Korea Asiana, two consecutive "No Meal" ... Representative in-flight food cooperation company found in the body | Joongang Ilbo |

CNN.co.jp: Toys R Us closing, anonymous customers donate to children shopping for 100 million yen

Toys' R '' s of rice toy sales, whose business collapsed and all US stores closed. Before the closing time, anonymous persons purchased toys for 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) and donated them for children who need help.

CNN.co.jp: Sharks drag women into the sea, photograph the moments of fear Australia Coast

BGM Requests copyright royalty payment to 166 shops JASRAC: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Automatic braking did not work fully enough, 72 accidents of last year: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Cup noodle strip, location trademark registration ... half a century the same: economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

On September 2, Nissin Foods Holdings (HD) announced that a belt-like design such as a barcode drawn on the top and bottom of the container side of the main product "cup noodles" was registered as a registered trademark by the Patent Office . Even without a logo or brand name, it was certified as widely recognized as "cup noodle" by arrangement and design only.

Crushed against criticism of reading promotion measures of elementary school in Misato city "Is teacher grasping books read by students and individual guidance" Is it true? School "I am sorry for inviting misunderstanding" | Caricone News

"The information transmitted to the homeroom teacher is only the number of lending of each book and the number of each book borrowed by each child in that class.The concrete contents such as the genre the child is reading and the title of the book are transmitted Is not"

IT lecturer killing: suspect 'After seeing the scene' After grasping the schedule - Mainichi Newspaper

Hokkaido Utsukawa river flood plain flooded severe warning | NHK News

Ishikari River Floods It is heavy rain in Hokkaido, instructions for evacuation and flooding under floor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Consider transition of virtual currency regulation Reinforcement Strengthen user protection from fund settlement law to financial and commercial law (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

Childcare leave: Childcare center "defeated target" increased for purpose of extension Local government, requests for system revision - Mainichi Newspapers

Childcare leave: Aim for extension, consultation successively "Introducing facilities that can not be entered" Impact on examination impartiality - Mainichi Shimbun

EU "Retaliation tariff object is 32 trillion yen" Regulation of rice | NHK News

Facility staff remarked "The smiling face sucks" to special support school students | NHK News

Working way: introduction of time card to faculty, controversy conflict Saitama - Mainichi Newspaper

Even at the Women's Education Board on February 2, criticism has been repeated from the Liberal Democratic Party's opinion that time management is the objective, and teachers who do not work hard are evaluated. Meanwhile, the prefectural assembly of other factions expressed positive opinion, "It will be the first step in working way reform by grasping the actual situation of overtime work of teachers."

Governor of the cave of Thailand "I can not rescue it because I want to bring in food for 4 months" | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Somewhere funny is the society that promises salaries and status only to super workers | Books & Apps

Odor sweat and sweat without smell (1) Lack of exercise, air conditioning, tension ... lifestyle makes your sweat savage: yomiDr. / Yomi Doctor (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Even if I can not go to the gym, I did not abuse or be exposed but I was just praised The exercise was super fun "The reason I continued to attend the gym for 11 years as an exercise was this" - Togetter

Initially, the life course itself of modern people is not suitable for reproduction. - Polar bear waste basket

"The airline industry is building a mechanism to learn from failure" Togetter

At the restaurant of Kyobo Nodo Museum you can taste the full power Kannon at hundreds of yen "You will not be satisfied with the taste of the waters" - Togetter

Akutagawa Prize Candidate "Beautiful face", similar expressions with nonfiction are over 10 in original verification but still reasons why it is difficult to ask "copyright infringement" | AbemaTIMES

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Apology and announcement concerning intermittent high-load failure occurring in some customers | Fault / maintenance information | Zenlogic support site [First server]

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by heavy burden on some of our services that occurred on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, to our customers for their long-term inconvenience I will.

Currently, we are taking measures to investigate the cause and restore while closely contacting Yahoo Japan Corporation, which provides and manages the cloud infrastructure in which high-load failures are occurring.
We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers during use, but please wait until the disaster countermeasure is completed.

A hairdressing salon abolished a magazine, as a result of allowing iPadPro to read the d magazine, various merits emerged: - Togetter
If you connect a smartphone (au · Softbank is also possible) and tablet to Wi-Fi in the area of ​​pre-registered Wi-Fi spot by the mechanism of "d magazine for Biz" , use the electronic magazine reading service It is possible to browse magazines by visiting owners' terminals, or by lending and using terminals to visitors.

Excel macro for business to which I have registered ribbon - Suction suicide

Computer of 40 years ago which was in grandma's home was too long nostalgic "Oh!" I do not know how to use it everyone trial and error → 【postscript】 finally ...! - Togetter

Learn about limitations of distributed systems

Reporting that ZTE is a bankruptcy, complete nationalization

The best educational materials that AI can learn free of charge | Moon oranges | note

Designing towards the purpose, design concept for moving users - Cookpad developer blog

From the seat next to the cafe I heard a story that "if you have USB (900,000 yen) with artificial intelligence, you can easily predict exchange rate!) - Togetter

Retrospect · Kenichiro Okamoto (2) | DIAMOND APRICOT

Hacker Japan (abbreviated name HJ) is a hacking information magazine that was launched in July 1998.
Abbreviations are abbreviated.
In the idea of ​​Saito Editor's Chair (thinking), venus (now: Ishikawa Eiji) · Shiba · Vlad · Madam Kamikaze · Shinki Akari (now: Hashimoto Kazuaki) and I (Yamazaki It is Muke project which gathered in Shinjuku and stood up.

It came to be a security information magazine later, but at the time of the launch it was not such a wonderful experience by anyone. It is a hacking information magazine who sees what.

At that time, I participated in "UGTOP" sponsored by Eiji Ishikawa with a Web page of my own telephone research institute, and added the multi-stage proxy injection tool "proxy launcher" and the User-Agent impersonation tool "Crawl Browser" It was shed by freeware.

With that involvement, I decided to write the magazine 's programming section as a one - shot project, along with Mr. Kazuaki Hashimoto' s Perl article.
At that time, Mr. Ishikawa and Mr. Eiji Ishikawa wrote about the "telephone book" series of three-year-old books, but since they had often collided with the editorial department, they said that they could come here and write it as they like I was very thankful that the Mook medium came out.

Many of the writers were mobilized from UGTOP, and the first title was as if it was the UGTOP 's loved version.

Retrospective · Kenichiro Okamoto (4) | DIAMOND APRICOT

Mr. Okamoto has been honing his skills as an editor, excelling in the ability to give the reader a noticeable impression with "headline" and "lead (summary sentence)" without touching the text.
Hasex - day.info aims to express the essence of quoted content by mastering headings, subheadings, and leads, as I have already passed since I died.
Conversely, Mr. Okamoto is not good at explaining by making a path (as a professional), and if I do such things everyday, I will be tired. Criticism and criticism with words is too expensive for words to do with a core business with one hand.

Retrospective · Kenichiro Okamoto (7) | DIAMOND APRICOT

On April 23, 2018, Ms. Okamoto got a phone call, and in fact he received a report saying that the media business still continues after April and he still belongs to him.
At this point there was no specific talk about how long the project will last.
At the time of February it seemed that he was looking for the future, but as of April when the phone was in, it looks a little different, I did not talk about those things one after another.
Although he thought, he did not talk, and although he thought that he was not a bad thing to him if he had a salary for anything, although he did not speak, he did not mention it.

Frankly speaking, this moment is my fault.
Actually, Mr. Okamoto has appeared in the event of Asagaya Loft on March 20, 2018, probably thinking that he grabbed something at that time.
And on April 23rd when this phone was on, the lecture event (April 24) at Toyosu the next day, and the next event "Teach me, Mr. Flamehead! (May 11)" was decided.
In other words, I think I decided to make Hagex an independent step. So it probably was not to consult.
If you make that determination from the person's mouth at this time, perhaps you regret if you think that it may be something different destiny.

Community Blog - "Machine learning to start with work" & "Pretreatment comprehension" Author conversation (Part 1)

ZOZO shock at men's clothing shop, with ZOZO's full order suit entering: market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Boogie Board (Boogie Board) "BB-11 Released | News 2018 | File and Tepla King Jim

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Elucidation of analysis of six prototype data of all stories - BBC News

Chinese fake "Gundam" sentenced to a guilty guy who manufactures 30,000 pieces Judgment three years and six months | NHK News

Is Seiji Fujii 'waited'? Although it is not foul play ... mentor to attention: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Now, a different world fantasy boom "Party banishment" boom! What? Reflecting social and aspirations? Types familiar from before? Will this genre persist - Togetter

Game "Uma Daughter Pretty Derby" 3rd Trailer Movie - YouTube

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【Russia World Cup in 2 minutes】 Grabbed Dream Japan, Missing the First 8 Strong Japan / Belgium - YouTube

UK media gave both armed forces the highest rating "I did not give space" to Masaya Yoshida of "Lukaku seal" | Football ZONE WEB / Football Zone Web

"Kagawa is great!" French magazine scoring Japanese vs Belgium! "7" highest in Kagawa and dry "【Russia World Cup】 | Football Digest Web

There was a plan to win. Nevertheless ... Director Nishino "What is overturned over there?" Believe on "Super Counter" in Belgium 【Russia World Cup】 (Football channel)

Honda who gratefully greeted his eyes and thanked his friends "I really liked everyone" | Gexaca

【Sergio Echigo】 "Defeat" will not be any consolation. We must recognize that there is a difference there | Football Digest Web

30 years Football World Cup, the possibility of co-organizing the four countries of Japan, China, Korea and North Korea - Japan national team: Nikkan Sports

Soccer Japan national team losing to Belgium should be the best 8 first | NHK News

World cup football Japan national team national team best 16, with Belgium opponent embodying "2-0 a dangerous score": market situation total power two stories

【Overseas reaction】 "Japan should be proud" Japan representative, defeat to Belgium also praised storm from the world | NO FOOTY NO LIFE

Pasona to the official supporters of Tokyo Olympics: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mr. Tajima president Nishino's remembrance "I think after finishing" - Japan national team: Nikkan Sports

Japan Football Association NISHINO Director Continues to Discuss Representative Director Personnel from the Viewpoint | NHK News

[Good news] Shohei Otani, to return to batter tomorrow: What a stadium @ N J summary

10: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/07/03 (Tuesday) 12: 11: 25.03 ID: X0zEBylP0
As soon as the World Cup finishes, do not have a return

Norihiro Nakamura Youtube channel is opened! ! 【Baseball fans must-see】 - YouTube

Ai Miyazato declines Tokyo Olympic coach "still tough" | GDO Golf Digest Online

[The core of the shock case] "The arrested main me" The impact of the arrest of the popular rapper "D · O" The face of the back is "masterpieces of marijuana trafficking" (1/4 page) - Sankei News

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"Beef steak set food" "Special beef steak set meal" "Beef steak mix set meal" July 19 (Thu) limited release new release! | New Arrivals | Yaoyui

(PDF file) "Shiro noir Royal Peach" Momoka Ru peach cream x Elegant taste of raspberry sauce - Comeda coffee shop -

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