Headline news on June 26, 2018

For the first time in a year, a new product " Melting chaosupu " has been added to the "From the Kitchen of the World " series of giraffes known for "Salty Lyche" to be seen in the summer.

The name is derived from "chaos" + "soup", and it is characterized by complex scent and taste with peach, cream cheese, peppermint, vegetables etc. based on tomato paste.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Sci-Hub" enabling free download of academic papers will be ordered about 1.7 billion yen of reparation - GIGAZINE

Intel's Skylake & Kaby Lake generation CPU proved hyperthreading effective and found a serious bug that leads to data loss and program error - GIGAZINE

I tried to create a server that automatically generates related articles of GIGAZINE by machine learning - GIGAZINE

One-seat microplane "e-Go" that can be stored at home garage finally debuts - GIGAZINE

An amazing algorithm that can automatically convert existing images to all kinds of painting taste with deep learning - GIGAZINE

What is a Japanese choke that mathematicians told "It is impossible to miscalculate with this choke"? - GIGAZINE

Application "Spreadsheets" to record the feeling of sexual life by recording the pant voice at bedtime and the sway of the bed - GIGAZINE

It is a sign of restoration to a vacuum tube replaced by a semiconductor, and it can be a trump card for realizing super high speed mobile communication & CPU? - GIGAZINE

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Such stickers are on sale at Amazon .

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Hayabusa 2, tomorrow morning Argo Crater Clearly: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Australian cat, 1 million reptiles killed more than 1 million papers per day Research pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

Earthquake ground motion prediction: Seismic intensity 6 or more Continue to continue right under the capital city and Nankai Trough - Mainichi Newspaper

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Prime minister's answer, facts and discrepancies Flight cease tour with crash of US fighter plane - Kyodo News

Mr. Sagawa summoned, 9 suspected false signatures = opposition party, calling for the ruling party to charge the accusations: current affairs dot com

"Winding on the Ministry of Justice many times" Communicating with a new document Mr. Sagawa's criminal action: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On the issue of the Moritomo - accoun (school) school issue, the upper house budget committee on 25th became the place to pursue the first Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the extension of the Diet. A new doubt emerges from the government's "internal document" that the Communist Party obtained independently, and the deliberations are confused. However, the government did not acknowledge the existence of the document, it was retrospective to the survey, and made a stance not to give a view on the contents.

Disability pension: censor retraction mechanism policy, reexamination notice 1010 people - Mainichi Newspaper

"Developmental disorders and crimes" full of misdiagnosis and misunderstanding as seen in Shinkansen killing | Bunbun online

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | Integrated | Liberty Plant Hunter Nishahata in a huge tree plan sued Mr. Yasuo Tanaka sued

Forced enforcement to allow delivery of children even in the absence of parents, Legislative review committee review - Kyodate News

Xerox and Fujifilm to "resolve partnership" "betrayed": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, North Korea Special Affairs Division in charge of negotiating the new day morning in July - Kyodo News

City gas in Osaka responds quickly, the lessons of the past live: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Urban gas which stopped supply of about 112 thousand units in Osaka prefecture due to the earthquake of the northern part of Osaka Prefecture was restored on the 7th day after the earthquake. Measures based on lessons learned from many disasters since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 lived and the scope of suspension could be reduced, while new problems such as difficulties in connecting homepages (HP) immediately after the disaster were found.

IT seminar lecturer killing special knife preparing planned? | NHK News

I knew by using the police interview that I was using a special knife of about 16 centimeters in length as a hunter and the like for the crime.

Nagoya city, cost to dismantle the block wall of all municipal schools 1.3 billion yen: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Small house of the grassland" author name, removed from the literary prize = American Association, indigenous people Reason for discrimination: current affairs dot com

A police officer is stabbed in a police box and a gunmen is taken away The criminal gets fired at a security guard nearby | NHK News

Toyama gun incident security guards also died Death to two people | NHK News

Mizuho Securities System trouble can not trade shares on the net | NHK News

North Korea and Korea, talks on the consolidation of the North-South Railway for the first time in ten years 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Shinjuku Ward, restrict the park's demonstration use reasons "Hate countermeasure": Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: All police officers in the town were arrested in the murder case of the Mayor's election candidate West Western Mexico

"Discrimination and Separation" A lawyer who received a disciplinary request over the Korean school Posts: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Children's furniture sold in the Chinese market, 30% unexpected quality inspection by unqualified photographs 1 international news: AFPBB News

Ms. Takanomiya's third woman ayako to office worker married to male | NHK News

Personal information leakage of more than 120 thousand Prince Hotel | NHK News

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The overhead pole of the Hankai train built in 1874 is still active now "Probably the oldest in Japan" "You should turn it into a god pillar" - Togetter

From the site of the Osaka northern earthquake ~ A memorandum of a week 's living after gas recovery from the occurrence of the earthquake - Life of the day.

NHK is also responsible for reception charges for the deceased: whether heirs should do surrender procedures after death - prepare facts

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LINE KYOTO I went to the new office! - 941 :: blog

I tried image processing on the smartphone using openCV.js

"+ Message" application of SoftBank stops delivery, undecided time to resume. Does this popularize? - Sumo !!

Rakuten renews the design of the global unified logo | Rakuten Co., Ltd.

For beginners · 6 sites to help you study and practice SQL - paiza development diary

A story about when we got 300,000 in the wedding app and then actually introduced it to the ceremony site | okamu_ | note

Machine learning of annotations for better machine learning - ABEJA Arts Blog

Whether it is so blessed you do nothing - Mercari CEO's experience in the field - Yahoo! News

Yamada sold a venture named Unoh who first started business to a US game company. After that, we went on a round-the-world journey, looking at the lives of people in emerging countries and the spread of smartphones, we saw "exchanges of goods between consumers explosively", and in February 2013 launched Mercari -.

This is the background of rough entrepreneurship, but the story before that is not well known. How was Yamada Shintaro human being formed? By tracing thoughts from youth first, I explored why I aimed for entrepreneurs.

"Is the real trigger is" Masuda "on June 10?" Hagex's murder case, listen to Mr. Osoudane Masami who had friends | AbemaTIMES

Originally that's why Mr. Koen Tensei caused a murder case ...

In the first place, why Mr. Lower Warrior was killed in the murder case

That head strange all day I thought that teacher who was in the net was saying to escape from the net Lingqiao

I can not think that I will be able to return to the physical ability that one male can kill in a moment

First of all it is from walking for rehabilitation?

The above writing is on June 10th. It turns out that it was already concerned at this point. Below is the same on June 10.

You guys, stop now hitting Mr. Low School Musume

When the net's coziness gets worse, it comes out to the real world!

Hagex's Memories (Hacker Japan, Security Camp, CodeBlue) - Honeypotter's Room

Well, maybe, you know him by chance? I tried searching with the real name of the victim while shaking. I looked at the image search results, my hand trembled.

Okamoto-san of former Hacker Japan! I know you really. I mean, I'm a former editor of I'm Hacker Japan serial. About ten years ago, as I did everyday, the memories that I was exchanging manuscripts crossed like runway lights. Even my bride remembered his name and was one who had been dense communication for as long as my name was given at dinner at our house.

When Hagex visited Hatena Whether tea came About the problem - Here is the bottom of the river

The thought on Mr. Hagex 's assassination case - A record of a bear's life

I write honest feelings here.

As a result of having mentioned from Mr. Hagex, I asked you to learn about net usage, including how to use bookmarks. Without that, I think that some kind of riot was causing sooner or later. So, there are parts that you appreciate.

But that way was not calm. To someone who is not acquainted, putting a Twitter account name in the article title and buzzing and doing a simultaneous shooting is a little too late. I was hungry. Perhaps it is self-owned, but what is it that you can not complain anything? Is it such a ridiculous place that a sentence is accepted with praise?

It has been over two years since now that the old wounds are dewed and therefore complicated.

"The worst in blog history" Hagex stabbing is a terror to speech?

Editor, Mr. Junichiro Nakagawa, who had friends with Mr. Okamoto: "It was not a real thing to say on the net this time but it was a bit stupid. I do not know if it is stubborn, murmuring, netting, etc. I think it is a terrible part.Although there is a hopeless conclusion, how can not be grudged by someone or a misunderstanding I think that I should send everyone that I will not be opposed to grudge.It is possible that the idea of ​​disadvantage spreading actively on the net when I stand in such a posture will spread.The pen It is said that it is stronger than the sword, but it does not matter how such a thing is, the human life is more important, I reported Hagex's Mr. Okuno If the blog is killing fire firing line, I think that I should have never written that, and there are a lot of internet SNS users, bloggers who want to rework or want to ask justice to the world, but it does not fit well What? "

Collect as long as you know the discard ID of Professor Tomotsuki (until May 31, 2018)

I was able to watch live performance of Mr. Low School teacher

Hagex and Mr. Kozo's entanglement on the net - going dark night

People who build a position on the net and have real value also exposed people who have nothing even on the net. - About wrecking

There is nothing, just a resentment to the world, only a small small approval desire to meet on the net really poor pity, still a person who must live.

People who build such a position on the net and value in reality will fuel it with a light feeling and then speak in front of a celebrity in the real world and it will be their own work .

Some famous bloggers wrote at the same time all the articles "Such a thing has happened ... ..." and some people wrote things like "I do not think it is self-owned", but I think that is not the case .

Explain why murderous intent was directed to Hagex

First of all, Hagex's blog entry triggered everyone to report Mr. Low School all at once.

From "I was involved with something weird people" to "What is involved with everyone?"

"If everyone is done, everyone will report, so the operation may move."

It became air.

This might be called Mr. Lo Kyun's collective lynch,

From the victim, it is only "I got courage to not overwhelm."

It should not have been such a thing as to kill it, it should not have been such a thing as to have to die - Kannai Kannai's diary

There is a word that I've always been aware of when I use the net. "It may be a dog that is beyond the monitor." It was a translation about the net my father had read and read in the early days of the Internet or PC communication. I do not remember the details any longer. It might have been "thinking it was a dog." And its meaning was getting somewhat disappointing. It might just mean that from the character string via the line it can not be confirmed that he is self-name. Perhaps it was that "do not Majesty the Neta". Either way, I was watching the Internet with a stance "It might be a dog that is beyond the monitor." And, something was sent out, and someone was recognized.

Although it is an ordinary story, it is human beings behind the monitor. It is not a dog.

Mr. Gyosei just wanted to talk

It seems that Mr. Lower Was going wrong that he was robbed of vandalism which is the only point of contact with the outside world

Although it is not annoying to watch from the end, that slanderous slander slander was communication for his only contact with the outside world

He robbed himself as he robbed it

What seems to be written by a person who was called "low teacher"

Well ha ha com is so short that gomikuzu never exposes bad power Masuda has many garbage that can tame at low power w I would not hit if it's just pure low power

True garbage that likes article of Hagex

If you say "I agree" with kyoumoe who repeats abusive like "Fucking ghostly fool" or hagex of self-sided flaming critic, if you are told that you can die soon you will be shameless if the victim is shameless w

However, if you say "I agree with a rebellious man" I say it is a worthless man and Hagex and I agree with you that they think that they are infallible w w wow wow live is not w w w w w w w w

IKEDAHAYATA, talks about a stabbing incident with a semi-laugh for a long time - no gains today Z

The double standard of "Hajiri" and "bullying" in the Hato area is too severe

IT lecturer killing, suspects of Kyushu university graduate "Serious and serious" society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

According to his father, Matsumoto lived in his parents' home until the high school days. The grades in the school days were high in the grade, junior high school was soft tennis, and in high school he was keenly engaged in the activities of the division of kendo. He likes reading, he said he was reading overseas novels as well.

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"Welcome this world - Final Remix-" trailer - YouTube

Why "Doraemon Nobita's Majestic World" is the greatest masterpiece of Doraemon for me: a noble castle

Reason why I quit the animator │ bebe blog

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"Star Wars" fans rebelled, Disney is suffering with the latest work failure - Bloomberg

The latest work "Han Solo / Star Wars Story" will be poor in box office performance, and it is expected to be Star Wars' first deficit work. Star Wars has only criticized over the method for Disney only for the series that has kept the highest number of box office performances in Hollywood. There is a possibility that Disney will postpone the next spin-off work of the series, and a casual observation that some fans will remake "Star Wars / Last Jedi" released in December last year has been reported.

USA: 10 Japanese, including Shinkai director, invited to the Academy new member - Mainichi Newspaper

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Size 2.5 times! Ootama Chocolate Ball [Peanuts] Solty White Tuesday, June 26 (Tue) New release! | 2018 | News Releases | Morinaga

Mildly soba with rich spicy bone sagar sauce that uses exclusively Bakata noodles for hard, extremely fine, straight, extremely pork bones "Charlesmar Ballita noodles spicy pig chisel marrow soba" on march July 23, 2018 (Monday) New release nationwide

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