An American major supermarket announces that it will introduce 'unmanned delivery by automatic driving car'

A leading supermarket in the United States Kroger is, of start-up to carry out the development of automatic operation car Nuro announced a partnership with the plans to introduce a "unattended delivery service by automatic operation car".

America's largest supermarket chain is launching a fully driverless delivery service - The Verge

Nuro was a founding startup company established in 2017 and was founded by two people who belonged to Google's automated driving car development team. Kroger is planning to introduce a delivery service using an automatic driving car developed jointly with Nuro on the goal for the fall of 2018, and it is said that at the outset, it will be tested after placing human drivers on safety as well about. It is not announced at this stage as to which city of the United States examination is done.

The delivery service to be introduced is "Kroger delivers food items to the user's home". Kroger has already delivered by the driver of the human being, and in the newly introduced unmanned delivery service, the user can use the online site of the currently used Kroger or the application of Nuro which will be announced in the future and bring the vehicle online Trackable.

Kroger has 2,800 stores in 35 states in the U.S. It is one of the leading supermarkets in America that 9 million users use every day. Three-quarters of users using Kroger are accessing or actually using Krogar's delivery service. Mr. Dave Ferguson, co-founder of Nuro, said, "I do not think delivery services by unmanned vehicles are not respectful to consumers," he said, to determine where to spend human power and where it is not It is important.

Nuro's vehicle is thin and compact compared to normal vehicles, and it looks like a little lunch box. Kroger and Nuro are adjusting the way the actual user experience will be. It seems that it will be done by the worker until the point where the product is loaded in the car after the user orders the item with Nuro or Kroger application.

The automated driving car which loads the product autonomously travels to the destination and stops at the sidewalk on the side road near the destination. Because of the convenience that no human beings ride, we do not deliver the item directly to the user's home, so the user who ordered the product needs to pick up the automatic driving car to the road near the destination. The user seems to be a system that carries out identity verification with a verification system such as PIN code, face recognition system, biometrics authentication, and brings items ordered by himself from the vehicle.

For Nuro, by collaborating with Kroger which develops business all over the nation, we can collect a lot of road data, so we can get great benefit. Companies such as Uber and Tesla were taken up in the past in the automated driving car industry, and small startup like Nuro rarely took the limelight in the limelight. Mr. Ferguson said, "Alliance with Kroger is an amazing milestone for Nuro," he is pleased to partner with Kroger.

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