A spherical magnet 'Zen Magnets' accused of 'there is a danger of injuring children' won the legal struggle for 6 years

by Doruk Kaynak

To sell magnet "Zen Magnets" small spherical with a strong magnetic force Zen Magnets is, " US Consumer Product Safety Commission that it has won the battle to be over the six years of the (USCPSC)" has been declared in the official website I will.

6/2018: 6 Years of Battle Ends In Victory | Zen Magnets

"Zen Magnets" sold by Zen Magnets is a kind of " magnet ball " which made a powerful neodymium magnet into a small spherical shape, and magnet balls which can play with freely recombining small spherical magnets are very popular in the United States It was a toy. A lot of movies playing with magnet balls are released on YouTube, and it is possible to combine several magnet balls like the following movie to make a geometric solid.

Tutorial: Quintuple Icosahedron (Zen Magnets)

Although it was a magnet ball played by many people, since 2009, "When children accidentally ingest a plurality of magnet balls, magnet balls with strong magnetic force tried to stick to each other in the body, the stomach It pierces the wall of the intestines and it "It turned out that the accident occurred. In 2012, the order was issued by USCPSC "Magnet balls must recall all products" .

Several companies manufacturing magnet balls such as Buckyballs and Magnicube showed a rejection of the recall against the order. However, USCPSC wanting to advance the recall of magnetic balls conducted a campaign involving politics, and both Buckyballs and Magnicub who fought in the court for about two years accepted the order in 2014 and it seems that they went bankrupt .

Mr. Shihan Qu , CEO of Zen Magnets, made efforts to reduce the number of employees and keep the company to the utmost and did not defeat the court's controversy against the recall of USCPSC. In 2015, the USCPSC formulated a new standard on magnet balls, "Children are too big to swallow, or weaken magnetic force to 1 / 50th of that of conventional magnet balls" Zen Magnets, which became impossible to sell, was forced to go back to zero.

by Sheila Sund

In 2016, the court finally withdrew the new standard with the court accepting Zen Magnets' assertion as "the new standard of USCPSC is incomplete". Thanks to that, Zen Magnets has been able to sell the product again, but still wanting to regulate the magnet ball USCPSC had a court struggle with Zen Magnets by submitting a new recall standard in 2017 .

And in June 2018, the District Court of Colorado decided "to dismiss the recall request of USCPSC", so Zen Magnets finally won the court struggle for six years. In response to this result, Ms. Qu said, "We thank the thousands of supporters who supported us, it is surprising that Zen Magnets could have survived and continue the business in the future" I have commented on it.

Mr. Qu said: "We are no longer fighting with USCPSC, we are ready to cooperate in building safety standards for magnet balls", and measures to prevent accidental drinking already carried out on our products and I mentioned that I would like to make age limit and other safety standards for magnet balls.

by Neil R

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