Road movie 'The End of All' Trailer Walking the World with the Lover's Father Collapsed in a Natural Disaster

A trailer of the Netflix original road movie " All the end " that goes on a journey to find a lover who was missing in the United States that became collapsed due to unexplained natural disasters, with a father of a lover who is a former soldier is released . Director is David M. Rosenthal , starring is Teo Jones , Forest Whitaker .

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Will (act: Teo Jones) wakes up with a phone call from pregnant girlfriend Samantha (act: Katerina Graham ). "There was a call from my mother, what happened?", Samantha seemed to call to confirm the situation.

On the previous day, Will was called me by a lover's father Tom (act: Forrest Whitaker) and was eating.

It is Tom who asks "Why did you bring your daughter far?" ...

"I decided to go to Seattle by her, I will not say it because it was decided to oppose," Will returns. Apparently Will not have a close relationship with Tom.

Immediately after Samantha said "Please contact me when you arrive at the airport", sounds like explosions and shoots will echo through the phone.

Will hear back, "Well what?", Samantha looks outside and gets scared as "something strange" just after getting bigger, a big noise will ride and the phone will run out.

Big smoke rises from the airport location.

What looks like smoke is a silhouette of a person who spreads his hands and looks up to the sky

The city suddenly collapsed due to the big earthquake that occurred in California.

The road is having a heavy traffic jam with the car of the person trying to evacuate.

The news which tells "There is a power outage all over the US" is also receiving noise because of intense noise. Information networks will also be broken.

When I returned to my lover's house, my father Tom was packing up.

Samantha, my beloved daughter, became inaudible, Tom told me that he was scared by the last phone until just before, and Tom will have a decided face.

Tom is a former soldier who is lined up on the shelf is a soldier era picture and numerous medals.

"A daughter is alone in a remote place, so listen, hear me." Tom invites Will to a trip to find her.

Two people blowing up the road by car

From the car radio, "All communication functions are stopped, the government is still silent, the cause is unknown."

A flock of birds that is extraordinarily noisy

The city is covered with flames.

Some people in the town are armed mobs, too.

Tom is threatening with a gun against the mob that attacks with a bat.

The city that confuses confusion is controlled by the military.

"Promise me to protect my daughter," Will answers Tom as he watches his daughter's photo on his smartphone.

I was checking in the place where the car goes.

Tom told me to drive, Will put gears as I decided and step on the accelerator.

The car rushed towards checking at a tremendous speed. According to Tom's signal, Will cuts the steering wheel suddenly.

Tom defeating the gun from the rear seat of the car deciding drift

However, as the car is vigorously overwhelmed, it rushes into the woods while rolling over.

When Will wearing a gas mask looks back ...

A city lost in color covered with ash was spreading.

Samantha's voice to respond to Will, "Do you have to do something" to "Do you think you can do it?"

A huge pyroclastic flow follows a car running on the mountain road. Is it really possible to escape ...?

"All ends" will be delivered on Netflix from July 13, 2018.

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