Intel's CEO Kurzanich resigned from lightning due to inappropriate relationship with employees

Intel's CEO Brian Kruzanich resigned from lightning. The cause is "having inappropriate relationship within the company".

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns; Board Appoints Bob Swan as Interim CEO

On June 21, 2018 Intel announced that Mr. Kruzanich resigned. It is explained that the reason for the resignation rescued from the rain is that "Mr. Kurzazych had a relationship based on agreement with Intel employees in the past". The fact that Mr. Kurzanich had inappropriate relationship with employees was said to have recently been discovered.

It seems that there is a private code of conduct that Intel obliges to comply with all employees, and inappropriate relationship between employees seems to violate this code of conduct. Even though Chief Executive Officer of Intel was not allowed to break this code, Mr. Kurzazychi offered his resignation as a fact was discovered, and the Board of Directors acknowledged this. In addition, Intel announces that Bob Swan CFO will serve as interim CEO until the successor CEO is decided.

From the beginning of 2018 Intel was swaying with the vulnerability " Specter " inherent in the CPU, but suspicion of insider trading was also raised in Kurzanich by whether the company sold the Intel stock after recognizing the problem. In the end, Mr. Kurzanic to leave Intel in disgraceful form of an inappropriate relationship discovery with the employee.

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